Unclear Regulations Challenge Pharmaceutical mHealth Strategies


Despite complicated regulatory hurdles, pharmaceutical companies continue to evolve their mobile health strategies in compliance with the FDA and EMA's ever-changing and obscure guidelines, according to a new study from Cutting Edge Information.

Cutting Edge Information's recent study, “Pharmaceutical Mobile Health: Transforming Brand Marketing, Healthcare Communication and Patient Adherence,” found that many regulatory bodies, including the FDA and EMA, are only beginning to understand the potential benefits of mobile health applications. Europe's ban on direct-to-consumer advertising, although limiting mHealth marketing potential, has not prevented pharma companies from communicating unbranded disease awareness efforts. The FDA's lack of clear mobile guidelines and inconsistent enforcement, have kept US companies struggling with mHealth strategies.

“Despite all of the uncertainties in government regulation, the outlook for mobile health in pharma is optimistic,” said Michelle Vitko, senior research analyst at Cutting Edge Information. “As drug companies become more comfortable in the mobile arena, the enthusiasm about the technology grows.”

Mobile health strategy is also critical to drug companies global sales force strategies. Mobile applications give sales representatives the ability to create customized and visually appealing detail collateral for physicians. These applications, whether it is a video or mobile game, allow sales forces to receive near-instant feedback from doctors and helps them alter their messages and tactics.

“Pharmaceutical Mobile Health: Transforming Brand Marketing, Healthcare Communication and Patient Adherence” (http://www.cuttingedgeinfo.com/research/marketing/mobile-health/) explores the burgeoning mHealth marketplace through best practices, benchmarks and 10 real-world mobile initiative case studies. The research also showcases mobile health team structures and mobile health centers of excellence. Use this report to:

  • Harness the wealth of opportunities emerging in the mobile health environment
  • Stay competitive through mHealth initiatives targeting both patient and physician audiences
  • Create a strong, supported mobile health team or center of excellence to drive innovation and increase patient and physician engagement

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