SkyCross Launches VersiTune-LTE Antenna With New MatchTune Technology; Becomes First Active Antenna Solution to Support both LTE and Carrier Aggregation Requirements for Operators


Mobile device developers eager to boost the performance and LTE capabilities of their products, while concurrently reducing form factor and manufacturing costs, now have a triple crown solution available from SkyCross' new VersiTune-LTE Antenna. SkyCross, the leading global developer of advanced antenna and RF solutions, developed the VersiTune-LTE Antenna to achieve both operators' LTE and carrier aggregation requirements. SkyCross' VersiTune-LTE Antennas will be showcased during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to be held in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2013.

The launch of VersiTune-LTE represents the very first active tuning antenna product to be commercially brought to market that supports LTE and carrier aggregation; no other active tuning technology can tout this performance today. The product will be deployed by major handset manufacturers throughout 2013 – 2014.

“Addressing antenna capabilities is critical for device designers and manufacturers to meet conflicting consumer demands of improved performance, similar or lower cost devices, and ever-shrinking form factors,” said Ben Naskar CEO and chairman of SkyCross. “To date, customers have been hesitant to integrate actively tuned antennas due to questions about market need versus performance and cost. With LTE and carrier aggregation coming upon us, the time has come to move to actively tuned solutions. SkyCross' three technology innovations enable us to answer developers' hesitancy and satisfy consumer demands around performance, cost and compact form factors.”

This new offering from SkyCross is built upon its innovative, patented and award-winning iMAT®, VersiTune-LTE and MatchTune technologies.

iMAT (Isolated Mode Antenna Technology) is a single antenna structure that acts like multiple antennas through the use of multiple feedpoints. Each feedpoint accesses the single antenna as if it were two or more independent antennas, which are highly isolated from each other. Developers can combine the iMAT design with other antenna requirements to form a multi-band, multi-protocol antenna module. The core value of this technology is that it allows for more compact designs, compared to traditional use of multiple space-consuming antennas.

VersiTune delivers an advanced tunable antenna solution for multi-band 4G LTE devices in a single iMAT antenna structure. VersiTune technology enables SkyCross to actively tune an antenna from frequency band to frequency band quite accurately so that many bands can be satisfied by a single structure. It offers broader performance across 12 or more operating frequency bands, with optimized MIMO performance for 4G LTE in smart phones, tablets and USB modems in one-quarter the size of conventional antennas.

MatchTune enables a single antenna structure to uniquely fine tune within a given LTE frequency band, which both enhances performance for a given frequency or for multiple simultaneous frequencies when employing carrier aggregation. It also provides the core capability for effectively resolving head/hand effect.

The combination of all three technologies allows for cost and space reduction from the iMAT technology's integration of multiple antennas, while retaining performance across a broad range of bands by employing coarse and fine tuning band to band.

SkyCross delivers not only its technologies and products, but also offers a comprehensive turnkey approach including design, scalable manufacture and testing. SkyCross' VersiTune-LTE Antennas are designed not only for best performance, but can also be integrated into a standard module for deployment across multiple SKUs or optimized for a specific phone. SkyCross brings its longstanding experience and high-volume manufacturing capability to VersiTune-LTE's launch as well, providing capability to scale production of VersiTune-LTE for worldwide deployments of mobile devices in mass market quantities.

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About SkyCross:

SkyCross is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions. SkyCross offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. Its consultative RF design process combines industry-leading technology expertise with highly experienced engineering to enable next generation wireless solutions for mobile and connectivity applications.

SkyCross' unparalleled experience in producing a family of VersiTune integrated modules and antennas based on patented advanced technologies including IMAT, beam-forming, pattern diversity and closed loop tuning enables customers to bring to market the most innovative RF products available today.

The company is headquartered in Fremont, California with full-service manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Greater China.

SkyCross, the SkyCross logo, MatchTune™, VersiTune™, and iMAT®, , are trademarks or registered trademarks of SkyCross in the United States and certain other countries.

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