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KineMed, Inc. ( announced today that David Fineman, KineMed's CEO will present at the 2013 Biotech Showcase Conference on Monday, January 7th at 2:00 p.m. on the 4th floor of the Parc 55 Windham Hotel -- Union Square, San Francisco.

Mr. Fineman's presentation entitled “Functionally Interpretable Translational Biomarkers for the Next Generation of Disease Management” will present powerful examples of KineMed's new class of kinetic biomarker across the spectrum of medicines development and clinical care, from identifying the molecular causes of disease, to the pairing of drugs with diagnostics to treat patients more effectively.

KineMed's unique signatures of disease state are derived from its proprietary “Network Dynamics” platform, which reveals causal relationships underlying the biology of disease mechanisms. These measurements of change are derived from ultra-sensitive, high-throughput mass spectroscopy of the entire proteome and metabolome.

“As our industry looks towards personalized medicine and the next generation of disease management, the indispensable role of biomarkers becomes increasingly clear,” said Mr. Fineman. “We are offering a truly universal method that is fully translational from preclinical R&D to clinical diagnostic measurements, all from a single drop of blood. At Biotech Showcase 2013, we will highlight successful examples of our unique approach across key indications including neurodegeneration, muscle wasting and fibrotic disease, showing how these techniques are becoming central to mainstream pharmaceutical development and disease management strategies.”

About Biotech Showcase

Biotech Showcase is an investor and partnering conference devoted to providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors and pharmaceutical executives during the course of one of the industry's largest annual healthcare investor conferences. Now in its fifth year, Biotech Showcase is expected to attract upwards of 1,500 attendees.

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About KineMed, Inc.

KineMed, Inc., is a leading diagnostic biomarker discovery and drug development company focused on causal pathway discovery and the pairing of medicines with diagnostics for integrated disease management. KineMed works with collaborators and clients to develop biomarkers that provide predictive, actionable information to dramatically improve, de-risk and accelerate drug discovery, development and disease management decisions. KineMed's technology reveals dynamic causal processes of disease rather than isolated molecular targets and provides precise measures of therapeutic effectiveness on these processes, offering “yes/no” to key treatment questions: “Is this drug right for the patient?” and “Is the drug working?”

KineMed's biomarkers are fully translational from animal to man, seamlessly harmonizing data across pre-clinical and clinical phases of development, through to the diagnosis and management of diseases including fibrotic, metabolic, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

KineMed's platform addresses key industry needs:

  • Illuminating causal mechanisms of disease: Generating pivotal knowledge for developing novel therapeutics that target underlying biochemical causes rather than symptoms
  • Systems biology approach: Insight into intact living systems, rather than simplified models, ensures that drug effects are understood in their intended biological context
  • Reduce late-stage attrition: Early, decision-relevant metrics of drug activity to remove costly failures late in the development cycle and improve the overall ROI of R&D spend
  • Establish patient pre-selection criteria: Enabling more tightly focused patient selection for clinical trials to target increased response rate in a segmented population
  • Provide the link to pair medicines with diagnostics: Custom-developed assays create companion diagnostic tests for personalized medicine

In addition to assisting clients, KineMed also has an active pipeline of therapeutics and diagnostics in development and is seeking further broad collaborations with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, CRO, histopathology, diagnostics and medical instrument partners.

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