JackpotCity: Global Conference on Social Gambling Takes Place in the UK


The first ever social gambling conference took place in London on 16th November. Delegates, speakers and industry leaders from both social media and gaming took part in a discussion on the future of social gaming and its role in the global gambling industry. The main sentiments, echoed by both attendees and speakers were of a future dominated by mobile and social gaming.

The very fact there even was a conference is proof, says JackpotCity, that social gambling is the future, or at least one part of the future of online gambling. Additionally, social games raised a rather astounding $807 million in funding last year. More and more gambling companies are now offering not just tie-ups and plug-ins with social media but they are also developing apps for Facebook allowing users to play – recently with real money – their favourite casino games whilst connecting via the social networking mega giant.

JackpotCity says that the new monetisation of these Facebook gambling apps along with the increasing importance of mobile gaming are changing the way online gambling in conducted with the emphasis being very much on social-based gaming outlets.

JackpotCity offers a wide range of games via its website from slots and roulette to video poker and blackjack. However, it says it is seeing more and more people switch over to its mobile site. Players now want to gamble on the go, preferring short, quick-reward games to long-play games. As yet it has not offered a social media game as an app, but who knows what the future holds. JackpotCity has to keep up with its competitors and it will do whatever it takes to stay fresh in this ever-changing dynamic marketplace.

The conference in London is paving the way for others to follow suit. Already a similar conference is taking place in Los Angeles and there will no doubt be more in the future as mobile, social and gambling all become further entangled.





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