Selena Gomez Named Most Beautiful Girl in the World Again and Taylor Swift Most Beautiful Musician According to 2013 Most Beautiful List

Mahvrick owns Most Beautiful List, which named Selena Gomez the Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Taylor Swift the Most Beautiful Musician and Conor Boss the Most Beautiful Pageant Model in the World.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Selena Gomez is the most beautiful girl in the world again according to Most Beautiful List (owned by Mahvrick). Most Beautiful List ( covers the most beautiful women in the world. Every January 1, at midnight Mahvrick releases its Most Beautiful List to media outlets in over 40 countries.

Most Beautiful List nominates 500 women around the world and narrows the list down to 100 by midnight January 1. The list is published to media outlets in 40 countries. Mahvrick also owns Most Powerful List and Best Dining List. Mahvrick's core business is distribution of news through its 50 online newspapers called Local Newspaper Alliance. 100 Most Beautiful List has nominees that are Musicians, Actresses, Runway, Pageant, and Athletes. During the year it covers the nominees, their businesses, their charities and their social media and reports on developments on their careers.

One of the most incredible stories is Connor Boss. Connor a 2012 Miss Florida Pageant 4th runner up that is now in the top 10 Most Beautiful women in the world. Most Beautiful List named her the Most Beautiful Pageant Model. The next closest Pageant Model to Connor on the list is, Miss World April Lufriu, who is number 22 out of the top 100. April was Miss American and then went on to become Miss World. "Connor has stunning looks. She is exceptional in so many aspects of her life. As far as most beautiful she is in the top ten most beautiful women in the world. She is what we call a rule breaker on our list," says Richard Victor Mahee, Most Beautiful List. Connor Boss was ranked number 6 by 2013 Most Beautiful List. The criteria for the list is that the nominee is on another well known list, that they are in the top of their related industry category, they have significant time contributed to charities, and there are rule breakers.

A rule breaker on the Most Beautiful List are individuals who are on the path and may not fit all the criteria, but have the attributes. Kylie Jenner is the most notable rule breaker on the 2013 Most Beautiful List. Kylie is ranked higher than her sister Kim Kardashian on the 2013 List. "We see so much potential in Kylie. She is a bit younger than most of our nominees, so we will continue to cover the growth of her career. She is very well positioned because of her looks. She has both Kris and Bruce Jenner in her camp. Two of the most recognizable names in television today," says Richard Victor Mahee

Last Year the 2012 Most Beautiful List focused on women and their charitable contributions to society. The 2013 Most Beautiful List focused on 1. Youth, then 2. Entrepreneurs. Taylor Swift is not just a media machine, she is a real corporation. From Music, events, television, and film, Taylor is self made, young, stunning and could run the teen division of most Fortune 500 Corporations in the world. She is a powerful individual. Taylor is the queen of teen. She is also on Forbes World's Highest 25 one position behind Steven Speilberg and ahead of Tiger Woods, Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell and Tyler Perry on Forbes Most Powerful List. She is also among the Forbes List top 5 grossing Individual Acts: Elton John, Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews, Toby Keith, Justin Bieber and then Taylor Swift.

Selena was the 2012 Most Beautiful Woman in the World according to Most Beautiful List. Selena, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan were 1, 2, and 3 on the list. "Selena Gomez seems to be very comfortable. It was a last minute decision to go with her back to back, but she has grown marketability and seems to be growing more confident with her transition out of the teen market segmentation," says Mahee. Selana was named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World again.

"What made the list difficult was there are so many ways to define beauty. We have a strict criteria, but when you compare a Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Connor Boss, looks are one attribute. Beauty, is another. Their influence separates them apart. Taylor dominates the teen music market. Selena has the confidence of a proven brand in Hollywood. Connor has pure natural beauty. Stunning," says Pramo VIrk, Mahvrick International Bureau. Most Beautiful List will announce the category winners on the list over the next week.

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