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U.S. News & World Report's Rick Newman says Information Technology Jobs have the Highest Growth Prospects in 2013, EmploymentCrossing Data Matches His Industry Prediction


Rick Newman predicts, based on IBISWORLD data, that jobs in different sectors of the information technology industry are set to experience the highest job growth in 2013.

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) December 30, 2012

In an interview on Fox Business titled Which Industries Will See the Biggest Job Growth in 2013, published 26 December, 2012 ( , Rick Newman, the Chief Business Correspondent of U.S. News & World Report makes some interesting revelations about current industry trends. Rick predicts, based on IBISWORLD data, that jobs in different sectors of the information technology industry are set to experience the highest job growth in 2013.

According to Rick the market segments within the information technology industry that are going to add the highest number of jobs in 2013, are respectively going to be Social Networking Sites (51% job gains), Social Network Games (36% job gains), Video Game Publishing (35% job gains), and Voice over IP (28% job gains). Rick also predicts real estate would be picking up and there would be job gains of about 26% in Sustainable Building Materials.

With the development of technology, certain industry sectors are also suffering a setback because their model of business, or the background reasons that brought them into existence, are experiencing a shift in dynamics. For example, industry sectors like photofinishing to newspapers are suffering a decline as the markets they used to serve are increasingly being served by online and digital alternatives.

However, Rick stresses, the simple growth of jobs in certain industries may not affect the jobseeker, unless he or she happens to be in the right place and with the right skill set. For example, he says, if you happen to be in California, then there are a lot of technology companies, and you are in luck.

Harrison Barnes, CEO of EmploymentCrossing holds what Rick says to be absolutely true, and that it is not only a matter of new jobs in the industry that allows jobseekers to find jobs, but being in the right place with the right skill sets is what matters most. Mr. Barnes, also points out that jobs in information technology have been growing in leaps and bounds, while many other sectors have suffered a decline. This is also happening because information technology is providing cheaper, more reliable, and more user-friendly alternatives to traditional technology, or IT models that are older by a decade.

Mr. Barnes says that right now, on Employment Crossing, there are at least 220,351 job openings listed in information technology jobs category, out of which, a huge number of 185,872 information technology jobs have been listed only this month, and about 46,001 IT jobs listed in the last week.

“The numbers of information technology jobs being added almost every day,” says Harrison, “goes to show the tremendous growth we can expect in the sector in 2013.”

Just in California, he says, “Employment Crossing shows more than 35,000 live job openings in information technology as of today – making California, definitely the right place to be for jobseekers in the industry.”

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