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Top 10 Boy and Girl Baby Names in 2012


Personalized children's book publisher I See Me! announces the top 10 Girl and Boy names for babies for 2012, according to the I See Me! extensive database.

(PRWEB) December 30, 2012

Parents spend hours, days, weeks (or let's face it, months!) picking out the perfect name for their baby. Personalized children's book publisher I See Me! produces tens of thousands of storybooks each year called My Very Own Name, in which animals spell out the letters of the baby's name that parents have just spent so much time selecting. Here were the top 10 Girl and Boy names for babies for 2012, according to I See Me!'s extensive database:

Top 10 Boy Names of 2012:
1.    Jack
2.    William
3.    Jackson
4.    Henry
5.    Benjamin
6.    Liam
7.    Ryan
8.    Ethan
9.    Luke
10.    Alexander

Top 10 Girl Names of 2012:
1.    Emma
2.    Olivia
3.    Ava
4.    Ella
5.    Sophia
6.    Avery
7.    Grace
8.    Charlotte
9.    Addison
10.    Emily

What should parents think about when picking a name for their baby? It's a very personal decision, but parents tend to consider:

  •     Popularity of a baby name. Some parents like to select contemporary, popular names and also others that want to stay away from the most popular names because they want the name to stand apart and be unique.
    Family traditions. Many families want to build on their heritage by using a name from their family tree, their ancestors' place of origin, or from their culture. Sometimes parents like to use a recurring letter at the beginning of each name to create a pattern within the family.     How it sounds with the last name: If the last name is long, sometimes parents will select a shorter first name, or vice versa. Some parents like to use first and last names that start with the same letter for a certain ring.     Likelihood of being teased: Most parents consider whether the name is going to create a lifetime of sniggers and try to avoid anything that is “teasable.”     Possibility of nicknames: Sometimes parents want to make sure that it's hard to think of a nickname for the child. Other parents specifically like the idea of having a formal name for the child such as “John” but calling the child “Jack.”     Strength of the name: Does the name convey strength or softness? Names that end with vowels for girls tend to be viewed as “softer,” which some parents want, while other parents lean toward a name that they believe conveys strength.     Parents' favorite. Many parents choose a baby name simply because they like the way that it sounds, or it as a positive association for them.

</ul> Regardless of the name that parents or soon-to-be parents select, it's almost guaranteed that parents will have poured energy into selecting that perfect name. According to Maia Haag, the CEO of I See Me! personalized books, “We hear from parents that they became teary-eyed upon reading our personalized book My Very Own Name, in which animals spell out their child's first and last names letter by letter in rhyme. Those parents usually have spent months picking the perfect name for their baby, so to see it celebrated in print is an emotional experience.”

I See Me! celebrates the uniqueness of every child with its one-of-a-kind selection of personalized books and gifts. You can visit their blog “Celebrate the Uniqueness of Each Child” today. I See Me! books are available for purchase online at and fans can connect with them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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