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Need an Antidote to Holiday Overindulging - Get 100% Natural Life Juice Delivered Right to You


New York-based company delivers healthful 100% raw juices and blends nationwide.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 26, 2012

The Life Juice® 3-Day Cleanse is the perfect antidote to the overindulgence of the season. And, unlike returning gifts or fulfilling your resolution to hit the gym daily, Life Juice is delivered right to your door. Featuring 100 percent raw combinations which are never diluted, Life Juice offers superior nutrition, and a low glycemic index for a fresh start in the new year!

To achieve a 100 percent raw product that still allows for shelf life, Life Juices are cold-pressed using a cutting-edge high pressure process. The resulting unpasteurized product is then immediately frozen. Each bottle contains the juice of 5 lbs. of fruits and vegetables, and, because it is never subjected to heat, retains all essential nutrients. Each order is shipped overnight in a large reusable Life Juice cooler tote, with ice packs, and also includes a small reusable lunch sac to carry drinks throughout the day. Life Juices should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

“We wanted to make it easy for people to live a healthier lifestyle,” said Ety Salamone, Life Juice creator and founder. “Studies show that almost 90 percent of Americans won't consume their daily recommended amount for vegetables, especially dark green veggies or orange ones. It's not just about being a fast-food nation, we're even missing the mark in our own homes. At Life Juice, our goal has always been to create a product that is not only healthy, but also convenient for the average person.”

To achieve maximum benefits, the company recommends easing into the 3-Day Cleanse by adjusting ones' diet both before and proceeding the cleanse, and delivery of the Life Juices should be scheduled accordingly.

About the Company: Life Juice makes living a healthy lifestyle easy. Each bottle is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help increase energy, strengthen immunity, fight disease and more. We cold-press our juices from natural, premium-quality vegetables and fruit. They make the perfect on-the-go meal, snack, exercise recovery drink and thirst quencher. And when combined in our proprietary formula, they are also an effective, great-tasting juice cleanse.

The stream of consciousness in our logo represents our philosophy to live joyful, healthy, eco-friendly lives that are sustained by whole foods and vitamins retrieved straight from the earth. We are devoted to providing you with healthy, tantalizing products and outstanding service. At Life Juice, we believe in the fruits, vegetables and philosophy behind every drop of our products.

To learn more about Life Juice or to order products online, visit, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Or call 877-33-JUICE to talk with our helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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