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La Jolla Mazatlán Warns Travelers of Holiday Scams


La Jolla Mazatlán, a top luxury resort in Mazatlán, Mexico, is preparing travelers this season by listing some of the most common scams to look out for when travelling during the holidays at the end of this year.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) December 25, 2012

La Jolla Mazatlán is a well-known upscale resort in Mazatlán, Mexico and this establishment is focused on providing the best quality vacations this holiday season by preparing travelers by informing them of popular travel scams that are effecting travelers this winter. When traveling around, especially out of the country, there are various travel scams that occur throughout the year, though some may be familiar others are brand new. La Jolla Mazatlán combined all of their resources and discovered what the top travel scams of the 2012 holiday season are and how to prevent becoming a victim.

La Jolla Mazatlán has a lot of guests every winter, this is because people like to head to warmer climates when it snows. What unsuspecting travelers don't know, is that there is someone that is looking to take advantage to their kindness, and the fact that they are in a new country. The first person that a tourist meets is usually a cab driver, and these people are one of the first to pick on tourist. Cab drivers can take travelers to the wrong location, run up the meter, and even inform them that their hotel has closed. The best way to prevent getting taken for a scam cab ride, is to research a location before traveling to it, this way tourists will only hop in reputable cab cars.

La Jolla Mazatlán also warns travelers to be on guard even when in hotels, because con artists are at work here as well. This year there have been a record number of prank phone calls from supposed “Front Desks” to rooms, asking for billing information. Unknowing travelers tell credit card information over the phone, and con artists use this information to run up credit card bills. If the front desk really needs information, then travelers should always go and talk to someone at the desk, never give out sensitive information over the phone.

These are only two of the many scams that are running rampant this holiday season, and the best way for travelers to protect themselves is to be aware. La Jolla Mazatlán recommends that people follow their instincts this holiday season, and not to take too many risks. Paying just a little bit of attention, can save someone a lot of time and money and can help ensure a successful vacation. La Jolla Mazatlán wants everyone to have safe travels this holiday season, so that they can have a fun start to the New Year.


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