Market Overview Launching Jan 3, 2013 to Help People Rejuvenate Health, Rebalance Life and "Awaken Divine Within"


New website from Body Designer and Hippocrates Health Educator Luz Delia Gerber will launch in early 2013 and feature engaging articles, webinars, commentary and more, all designed to nourish and empower the body, mind and spirit in an entirely new way.

(PRWEB) December 22, 2012

Health conscious men and women in search of enhanced Well-Being, renewed vitality, and transformative strategies to better manage their busy, stress-filled lives, will soon have a new website to rejuvenate their health, rebalance their life and "awaken the divine within":, which will launch on January 3, 2013, will offer both ancient and leading-edge approaches to eating, drinking, fitness and healing that represent welcome alternatives to cutting, freezing and drugging. Visitors will find engaging articles, webinars, programs, commentary and more, all designed to nourish and empower the body, mind and spirit.

“ is inspired by my personal mentor Dr. Ann Wigmore, the creator and mother of wheatgrass and sprouting,” commented Luz Delia Gerber, founder and CEO of California-based Body Systems Design™. “Dr. Wigmore stayed true to the principles of her inspirational leader Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher who proclaimed `let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!' Dr. Wigmore dedicated herself to the mission of spreading awareness about the virtues of detoxifying and nourishing humanity by eating for health, and serving humanity all over the world. My dream is to empower people to awaken the divine within, as I continue sharing the principles Dr.Wigmore began and exemplified for over 50 years.”

Luz Delia Gerber, who is also a Body Designer and Hippocrates Health Educator with more than three decades of experience, further noted that the new website will embrace and assist those who are looking to enhance their mental and spiritual esteem -- and not just their physical health.

“My definition of health and Well-Being extends far beyond the typical, mainstream concept that is narrowly restricted to physical ailments and conditions,” commented Luz Delia Gerber. “Time-starved mothers with young children, teens and teens trying to fit in and cope with self-esteem issues, couples struggling to adjust to the realities of married life, ambitious professionals trying to achieve a work-life balance…these are just a few of the thousands of everyday examples of people who will benefit from the tools, tips and tactics they'll discover at!”, which will launch on January 3, 2013, will be free to access, and no registration, membership or sign-up will be required.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Luz Delia Gerber at LuzDelia(at)BodySystemsDesign(dot)com or 760-855-7373.

About Body Systems Design™

Body Systems Design™ -- A True Grass Roots Enterprise™ -- is the brain child of Luz Delia Gerber, who was endowed over 25 years ago with this mission by Dr. Ann Wigmore, the Mother of Well-Being in the world. Body Systems Design™ is beyond any wellness company or health institution most health seekers are familiar with. The company is committed to touching and transforming the lives of every single human being on the planet by introducing an entirely new definition of wellbeing. The company also donates a percentage of every dollar it earns to its groundbreaking “Our Children ~ Our Future!™” Foundation.

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