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Track Employee Productivity During Holidays With New Time Tracking Tool:


The new time tracking tool helps businesses stay productive even though the holidays. tracks outsourced employees' productivity during the holidays with minimal fuss and effort.

(PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Most businesses keep going even through the holidays. But when the holidays come in, that's when most employees start to feel lazy. There's something about the holiday season that makes people want to just to take a break from it all. Employers who work in the same place with their employees can easily remind and motivate them to work but it can still be a challenge. What more if the employees are halfway across the world?

With a lot of businesses turning to outsourcing to increase their productivity and cut costs, it's becoming increasingly important for business owners to find ways to keep track of their outsourced workers' productivity. Project management tools can help bosses keep track of goals and milestones but they don't give the entire picture. These tools can't measure things like how long does it really take for an employee to finish a certain task and how much time is wasted checking emails or playing in Facebook.

John Jonas of has come up with a solution to help business owners just how productive or unproductive their employees are. is a time tracking tool, powered by RescueTime, which records and collates every second an employee spends on their computer during work. All employers and workers need to do is download the application and Tracklabor does the rest. Every day, business owners and employees get a detailed and summarized report of what they did that day. And unlike most project management software, the data can't be manipulated on either end. What is seen in the reports every day is exactly what employees have been doing that day.

“I developed because I know it's one of the main concerns people have with outsourcing their business,” explains John Jonas. “Even I had the same concerns. It's not that I don't trust my employees, but a smart boss always keeps tabs on his people. With Tracklabor, I know exactly how long it takes for my employees to get the job done. From there, I can assign the right amount of work according to their skill. So in the end, in addition to keeping track of my guys, I'm able to get more work from them because I know exactly how skilled they are, based on the reports.”

Jonas reiterates how important it is for business owners who outsource to use time tracking or project management software of they want to ensure continued profitability and growth. “The average worker wastes roughly 3 hours a day. That's 15 hours a week and if you have, say, 5 workers, imagine how much money and time is wasted in a month or a year. With this tool, you really have nothing to lose except workers who are not performing. Time is money and with, you'll be getting you getting your money's worth by turning your business into an efficient and productive machine.”

Since 2007, John Jonas has employed innovative methods teaching business owners how to increase efficiency and decrease cost by delegating labor to the Philippines. Jonas offers customized tools to hire, train, manage and pay Filipino employees through, and

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