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Dream Bot Studios Celebrates Holiday With a $0 Game for Netizens


Dream Bot Studios got a new game to release. However, to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, it decided to give it out with zero charge.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Dream Bot Studios is set to release one of its latest games. And in the spirit of Christmas, it decided to give it out and not charge.

Basically, Dream Bot Studios is an application development company. Its focus though is developing mobile games that offer gamers challenges along with fun and excitement.

One of its latest games is “Flicked Off at the Movies.” And particularly, it is also the mobile game that it decided to give out to netizens. It is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

“Flicked Off at the Movies” is specifically a multi-level game with a movie theater as its setting. It is compatible with iPhone and android phones and could be played by a single user anytime and anywhere.

In the said game, the player's goal is to upset the movie goers walking back and forth at the front of the screen until they call the usher or the boss. To upset them, a gamer will have to throw his different weapons at them, each with corresponding points. Those weapons could either be candies, bubblegum, popcorn, soda, toilet paper or even a cellular form, explained the company on its website.

Additionally, it stated that the usher or the boss' purpose in the game is to kick the player out of the cinema. And so, it said that a gamer would need to upset him as well. However, it warned that they have special abilities so a player must be extra careful to beat him and go to the next level.

“Flicked Off at the Movies” is scheduled for release at $0.99. However, Dream Bot Studios decided to give it as a present to family, friends and anybody else who will like its Facebook Fan Page. It said it's its Christmas present to all netizens.

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