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Carlton's Training Solutions Announces Motivational Training Video With Dewitt Jones


Carlton's Training Solutions is a corporate consulting company providing employee training to their clients. The Dewitt Jones videos Focus your Vision and Celebrate What's Right With the World are some of those programs clients currently use.

Philadelphia (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

Dewitt Jones was not always the calm, focused man featured in the new videos from Carlton's Training Solutions. Dewitt has honed his craft not just in the wild with his camera and lenses but with his art of communicating those powerful lessons of management, being positive and goal setting to businesses across the country. Carlton's Training Solutions has culled the mind of Dewitt Jones and what makes his lessons in life special.

To not mention Celebrate What's Right With the World would be a mistake of the highest magnitude. No program has reached a broader audience with such a simple message. Employees work best when they are focusing on what they do right and not worried about the scolding they just received for what they did wrong. Dewitt said, “Let me focus on what I do right and do more of that. That will be my difference.”

Focus Your Vision with Jones determines the outcome of any goal or vision. Goals need deadlines and a strict disciplined list of what needs to be accomplished. Building one set of goals off another is incredible. But to achieve any goal there has to be a focus. Taking each step at a time. The art of creating anything great is to build it brick by brick doing everything the best it can be. Then accentuating and adding to that greatness.

The Carlton's Training Solutions Dewitt Jones videos Focus your Vision and Celebrate What's Right With the World are classic examples of seeing something before it is created. Organizations have to create a vision for the company and see the positive effects these goals will have on their clients and their personnel as well. Focus your Vision and Celebrate What's Right With the World create possibilities for the clients of Carlton's Training Solutions that once seemed impossible.

About Carlton's Training Solutions
Carlton's Training Solutions is a corporate consulting firm creating business strategies for Fortune 500 companies. They provide corporate training in the areas of, diversity training, healthcare training, generational issues, sexual harassment training, workplace violence training, management training, conflict resolution strategies, leadership training and more. Carlton's Training Solutions utilizes business experts such as Bob Farrell, Dewitt Jones, Catherine Crier, Ben Zander, Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, John Cleese, Morris Massey, Joel Barker, and Lou Holtz. To view other topics on corporate training or find out more about Carlton's Training Solutions click here at site

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