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James Schramko Reveals Inspiration for Business Ideas in Latest Video News Update


In his latest SuperFastBusiness news update, Internet marketing authority James Schramko shares how he generates business ideas and why entrepreneurs should always question everything.

Sydney, AU (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

Every week, SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko releases video updates where he tackles news and tips to help fellow Internet marketers. So far he has never failed to update his viewers, leading many to ask how he manages to generate ideas and come up with a seemingly never-ending list of topics for his videos. This week's news update provides the answers to that question.

Schramko begins by advising viewers to get started with business and not put off the actual work by worrying about minor issues: “If you've been having this big business dream and you've been pedantically fussing about business cards and websites and brochures and signage and T-shirts, if that's taking you any more than a few days, you are simply delaying and wasting time,” he stresses.

According to Schramko, the best way to jumpstart business is to start building a minimum viable website and then improve it over time, sharing that he has used this tactic on his own websites: “I much prefer you start with customer demand, solve a problem for somebody and then have the minimum viable website. In many cases I just have a very simple website with a quick explanation of what a product or service is and then a way that people can order. Then we go back and flesh it out with FAQ pages and glossaries and contact details and phone numbers and then extra posts explaining the product or service,” he states.

Schramko then shares the first of the many ways he generates ideas for business: by imagining the dream scenario of his customers. “If they come along to your business, what would they love to have happen? In my case I have a SEO business, and the dream scenario for our customers is they could come to us, have us look at their website and then decide if their website is suitable for SEO or not. If it is suitable, we'd tell them which package is the most appropriate package of all of our services,” Schramko illustrates.

Besides responding to customer demand, Schramko encourages fellow entrepreneurs to initially offer these “dream services” for free and then follow up customers when the trial ends. “Think about the perfect experience that someone might have when they come to your website and then think about how you can give that to them for free in the beginning to let them get a taste for what you can offer to get them moving in the right direction,” he advises. Schramko adds that business owners can use automation tools to make follow-up easier.

In addition to helping maintain good relations with customers, Schramko states that feedback from these follow-ups also provides him with new ideas to improve his business. “In my system, if someone doesn't order then it will actually follow them up with a follow-up one week later asking how it went. I take the information that I get from the follow up and I put that back into the system. Some people say we weren't clear about what to do so we increase our action step. Some people say they're ready to go but not yet so we find out why and see if we can actually improve that part of the process,” he explains.

Schramko finally reveals where he gets inspiration for his videos: “I actually get the ideas from my SilverCircle mastermind group. Every week, we get on the phone with around 40 business owners and they ask the biggest challenges and questions and we work together to solve them. From that, I get detailed notes, and from the notes there are always one or two things that I know other business owners would like to share,” he states.

He then invites viewers to catch up on his interview with SilverCircle member Victoria Gibson to find out how using Facebook can help businesses. He strongly recommends that entrepreneurs take advantage of social media as it can truly boost operations: “When you combine Facebook with your own powerhouse news blog, your business will prosper,” he stresses.

Schramko closes this week's update with a tip to help fellow entrepreneurs become more productive: questioning one's actions throughout each day. “[I've been] journaling what I do each day. I talk about the things that I'm doing and why I'm doing it… and it makes me wonder, can I do them better? Can I repeat or maximize or leverage the things that I'm doing really well?” he shares.

“Journal what you do,” Schramko urges viewers. He adds, “Think about not just what you're doing but why you are doing it. And as my old mentor said, ‘Question everything!'”

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