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The New Social Network,, Breaks All Social Media Rules, by Aiming to Solve Immigration and Connecting People with the American Dream


In the world of social media, there exists a single place where immigrants from anywhere in the world can find the means of achieving the American dream. That place is

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 11, 2012 is a recently-launched social network whose goal it is to connect American immigrants from all nationalities and faiths and those who want to relocate to America. Now recent and prospective immigrants to America can find everything that they need with just a few clicks of a mouse. also links immigrants directly to immigration attorneys capable of answering almost any question regarding immigration and citizenship.

As we all know, Immigration seems to be an issue the government is not be able to solve. There are millions of immigrants who want to achieve the American dream, but can't because they do not know where to start. There are a million more immigrants moving to America with the same ambition, but with the same limitations. ImmiLounge aims to connect these people together, with all the basic necessities they need in order to achieve that American dream. ImmiLounge aims to connect all American immigrants together, so that it can become one online nation of immigrants where opinions will be voiced and issues will be solved. This tool is definitely capable of solving the immigration issue, because it aims to connect immigrants with what they need, and at the same time allow them to socially interact, freely. This will ensure that immigrants gain what they are looking for, thus making immigration no longer an issue.

The website was created by Brian Nguah, a Kenyan immigrant who wanted to change the immigration process and make it easier for immigrants to assimilate into American culture. Nguah created ImmiLounge in 2012 as a means to bring current and future immigrants together to help each other. ImmiLounge boasts a membership of individuals from all over the world, many of whom have made the transition to living in America and can thus offer advice to immigrants and their families seeking a new life.

Immigration can be a long and taxing process. ImmiLounge members will find themselves exposed to organizations and immigration attorneys who have made it their life's work to help immigrants from all over the world move to America and solve there immigration issues. The website consolidates a vast amount of resources and professionals into one convenient place and encourages communication between its members.

Presently, ImmiLounge is the internet's only social network that helps American immigrants. Bloggers and businesses are invited and encouraged to use as a way to advertise, post articles, and create an open dialogue with immigrants all over the United States. The whole purpose of ImmiLounge is to help immigrants get a foothold in their communities, starting by using social media as a springboard.

"Where there's a will, there's a way," says Nguah. He wanted to create a way to help immigrants in the nation, and thus came up with the innovative idea of ImmiLounge where immigrants can come and freely share their success stories and ask for advice on how to pursue the American dream. Deciding to move from one's homeland to America can be an incredibly difficult process. ImmiLounge helps immigrants to empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to succeed anywhere that they wish. So whether it is jobs, healthcare, immigration information, education or scholarships, ImmiLounge connects immigrants with all of these necessities, and much more for free.

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