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Despite Recession, We Still Love to Gamble like 007, reports


As Bond fever begins to grip the country once more, new figures show that the casinos 007 helped to glamorise are going from strength to strength, announce In the face of recession, both online and land-based gaming is on the increase in the UK.

According to the latest figures released by the British Gambling Commission, 73 per cent of UK adults gambled in 2010, up from 68 per cent in 2007, prior to the global recession.[1] On top of this, online gambling is on the increase. Gaming sector research specialists H2 Gambling Capital report that eGaming increased its gross gaming revenue share from under two per cent in 1998 to almost 10 per cent in 2010. The firm projects that eGaming could account for as much as a quarter of gaming industry revenues going forward if major markets move to legalise online wagering.[2]

In addition, betting group - Rank Group, also announced this week that its profits are up by nine per cent, thanks mainly to its Grosvenor Casinos business. Despite the economic downturn, the firm's pre-tax profits on continuing operations in the year to June rose to £61.5m, up from £56.4m the previous year. [3]

It seems that in times of austerity, gambling can weather the financial storm in a way that other sectors can only envy. When times get tough, we're still attracted to the glamour and excitement of the casino, just as we were when Bond first emerged with the publication of Casino Royale in 1953.

At the time, Britain was still reeling from WWII, the country still affected by rationing, and seeking to rebuild its bomb-struck cities and industries. James Bond's casino adventures whisked readers away to a world of glamour, wealth and excitement.

Notching up over 2.5 million views on Youtube for his parachute jump into the Olympic Games opening ceremony with Her Majesty the Queen, in the year that marks the 50thanniversary of Dr. No, the popularity of the world's most famous gambler is on the rise once more. With the much-anticipated 23rd Bond film on the way, 2012 could prove to be another record-breaking year for Bond, as well as for his favourite hangout – the casino.

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