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Mocapay Launches API Token Solution


Mocapay, a merchant-centric and mobile marketing solution provider, has launched a token solution mobilization platform that mobilizes any third party service or point-of-sale (POS) payment solution, closing the loop for customer transactions within merchants' POS platform. Customers can make purchases using their mobile devices quicker and more efficiently with this method.

Consumers may use their mobile device and select a payment method, loyalty card, or coupon and receive a 6-digit single-use perishable Mocapay code that is delivered to their handset. The interaction between the handset and the Mocapay host provides for a secure and fast delivery of a single use token that acts as a stand-in for sensitive account credentials. The new API simplifies integration into the merchant's POS or third party service or payment provider without making any change to store or back office operations.

“This is not like a co-branded experience,” says James Ray, Chief Technology Officer at Mocapay. “We enable a merchant to integrate their own wallet solution, which allows the merchant to quickly and effectively add gift, payment, coupon and loyalty to their own branded mobile wallet.”

With Mocapay's new API token solution, developers and POS vendors will notice more capability, in addition to substantial lighter integration. Essentially, Mocapay's token solution offers a broader range of transaction alternatives that are processed identically to plastic magnetic stripe card transactions within the POS. Merchants will now have greater access to mobilize marketing programs and target new audiences. Merchant customers will be the recipients of valuable last minute offers and incentives, all delivered directly to their mobile device.

The new API is available immediately to work with partners' host platforms and POS solution providers to process transactions, significantly simplifying the POS process for customers and merchants. The only aspect that changes is the payment form factor. Instead of swiping a magnetic stripe card, payment information may be accepted via key entry, scan (barcode or QR code), or NFC.

About Mocapay

Mocapay's mobile platform allows merchants to mobilize their existing programs by integrating with payments, gift cards, loyalty and other promotional platforms. Leveraging the power of patented security and closed-loop ROI technology, Mocapay addresses the merchants' need to broaden their customer reach, increase customer engagement and build strong identity at any time––not just at the point of sale. With a flexible, one-stop solution that works with any handset or network, Mocapay integrates simply with any POS, processor, wallet or existing program. Plus, Mocapay can build an app for the merchant or integrate with an existing app or website. Based in Denver, Mocapay is a privately held venture funded company founded in 2006. For more information, visit

Karen Moritzky, 303-381-3909

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