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New Integrated Start System from TDI Automatically Prevents Pinion Crashing and Over-Speed Cranking


TDI's New TurboStartTwo is an Integral Start System featuring built-in control logic which prevents common types of starter damage caused by operators engaging the starter while it is in operation. It is designed for a variety of marine and workboat applications. “The TurboStartTwo Smart Starter prevents operators from engaging the starter during coast-down,” states TDI Director of Industrial Products, Dave Rawlins. “It is a great safeguard against ring gear and pinion damage from accidental operator error.”

TurboStartTwo also automatically shuts off the air supply after successful crank and engine start, which preserves limited air supplies on critical fixed volume applications. TurboStartTwo even fits engines up to 110 liters.

TurboStartTwo is a completely integrated start system that includes 1) a powerful turbine air motor 2) built-in controls with pre-programmed safeguard logic, 3) a flow-match relay valve, 4) an electric solenoid, 5) an integral muffler, 6) both pilot air control lines/fittings, 7) a simple plug-in interface to your engine control. It even has an emergency manual bypass provision, allowing you to start just on air if necessary.

TurboStartTwo comes assembled in one box. It's ideal for OEMs and packagers installing it on new engines. By applying 3 bolts, plugging in 2 wires, and hooking up 1 supply hose, the start system is completely installed – often taking only about five minutes. “The simplicity of our one box/one part number start system eliminates the need for OEMs and packagers to manage multiple parts from multiple vendors,” continued Rawlins. “TurboStartTwo eliminates stocking, restocking, minimum orders, and the many details of supporting multiple spare parts from multiple suppliers – which ultimately saves money too.”

Best Applications

When asked about best applications for this product, TDI's Dave Rawlins said, “If you have applications where there are continuous control system problems . . . If you have operators who are continually damaging ring gear and pinions with false starts, or if you are converting vane-type starters to clean and more efficient turbine starters, TurboStartTwo is a simple, safe solution for improving reliability, engine availability, and starter longevity.”

Tech Development is the world's number one manufacturer of turbine air starters with a reputation for superior performance in the world's most challenging environments. See TurboStartTwo at 2012 Workboat Show Booth 1054.

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