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LandlordLinks.Net Portel Provides Resource to Help Sandy Survivors Find Rentals


NEW YORK, NY – Families and individuals who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and need a rental place in either Manhattan or Brooklyn can search directly through thousands of landlords' available apartment listings via
LandlordLinks.Net was founded by Kirby Sommers in 2005, a Manhattan based real estate broker, who founded Katrina Home Drive to help with the housing effort for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast.
Inspired by the concept of connecting apartment seekers directly to owners and their apartments bypassing all middlemen – including brokers – Ms. Sommers compiled landlord directories she calls 'Landlord Links.' Landlord Links include lists of landlords for any neighborhood of Manhattan or Brooklyn, their contact information, and an oh-so-handy LINK that enables you to connect to their rental listings.
'I was trying to find an apartment on Craigslist and it was futile because all of those apartments were bait and switch ads posted by high priced brokers. The Landlord Links service worked really well as did all the updated inside notes and tips. I was able to find a great apartment on my own and all the landlords were very agreeable,' said Adam who found Landlord Links in a random internet search.
'Landlords update their apartment listings all the time,' states Ms. Sommers, 'and that means no stale listings and no wasted time. Just new listings with the ability to find really good deals that haven't made it to the market yet.'
The website experienced a surge in traffic just 2 days after Hurricane Sandy devastated vast regions of the tri-state area.
Kirby Sommers adds: 'People aren't waiting for someone to tell them what to do and where to find resources. They found us and have also found new places to call home.'

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