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Holiday terror in Bora Bora for young Hungarian mother and son


What started out as a family holiday to the luxury getaway location of Bora Bora in French Polynesia has turned into terrifying nightmare for a young Hungarian mother and her son. The short holiday has resulted in the mother now being held against her will in Bora Bora by husband and local authorities for over a year, while her now estranged husband manipulates the local legal system to his benefit.

Patricia Nyíri-Kovacs and her young son Noah have repeatedly pleaded with local authorities for assistance but instead have been ignored and harassed. A political science graduate and experienced banking executive, the young mother is now forced to work in a local tourist outlet just to pay for basic amenities for her and her son while the father has cut off any and all access to joint financial accounts. J.M Seravac, Bora Bora's Chief of Police has even been personally involved in the case and was requested to help, but has not acted upon any of the mother's calls for assistance or followed up on possible criminal charges submitted by Patricia.

'Local authorities in Bora Bora have no jurisdiction in this matter' commented Dr. Felicité Mbala Mbala, a legal expert on family law, barrister and advisor to the French Government. While consistent legal opinions note that the family matter is a case for authorized courts such as Hungary or France, local legal representatives have ignored any and all attempts to correct the error.

The mother and son, both Hungarian citizens and residents have been denied their international rights to return and have the family case heard by European Union courts.

Hungarian government representatives are doing everything possible to assist their citizens but local Bora Bora and French Polynesian authorities have until now failed to interact with their international counterparts.

Rising interest in the plight of this young mother and son has started to spread to social media and other channels. A Facebook page, titled 'Not without my son' with thousands of fans and readers has now become the rally point for support to get Patricia and her son out of the island paradise turned living hell.

At a recent press conference, attended by numerous international and local journalists, supporters and family members, a number of women's rights and abused spouse groups conveyed their support to Patricia's plight. 

Hungarian citizens are being encouraged to contact their local government representatives to further raise awareness and support for these two victims, so far from home and at the moment without any local legal representation and support for the 22 November appeal hearing of Ms P. Nyíri-Kovács.

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