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Website Dedicated to Post Acute Withdrawal Launched


Davie, Florida –– A new website designed to help people in recovery overcome the symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal was launched this week by local Davie rehab founder and interventionist James F. Davis, CAS.  Davis is the CEO of Recovery First, Inc. and is preparing to publish his first book about Protracted Withdrawal in 2013. 
The website, which can be found at, offers free resources to people in recovery, including comprehensive articles about this condition and other aspects of addiction and alcoholism, as well as public forums, symptoms lists and identifiers and treatment recommendations. 
Site Asks Addicts to Participate in Survey
The site also invites addicts and alcoholics to participate in a survey designed to gain a better understanding of the overall scope of PAWS throughout the nation; data that will be used in 2013 to develop improved treatment methods. 
Participants in the survey can view the results of each survey question so that they can determine where they line up with other addicts when it comes to particular symptoms, condition duration, rate of relapse and other important information.
PAWS: The #1 Cause of Relapse   
According to Davis, Post Acute Withdrawal is the leading cause of relapse among those suffering from addiction or alcoholism. 
'PAWS causes a serious set of emotional, mental and physical symptoms that can compel an addict to quickly abandon their recovery efforts and seek out relief from these symptoms by returning to drug abuse or drinking.  Unfortunately, too many in the healthcare industry see rehab as the end of treatment for addicts, when in actuality it is just the beginning, as for most people PAWS symptoms set in shortly after or even during a long term treatment program.'
Davis knows all about Post Acute Withdrawal - this year he celebrated his 31st year of sobriety after nearly killing himself as a result of cocaine and alcohol abuse decades ago.  Since then he's dedicated his life to helping other addicts by opening a successful drug rehab center in south Florida which includes inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization and other types of long term treatment programs. 
Davis claims that a focus on identifying and treating PAWS symptoms makes it more likely that his patients will remain free from drugs or alcohol long after they leave his treatment center. 
'Unfortunately, few treatment centers place an emphasis on PAWS, and the reality is that as a result they become nothing more than a revolving door where addicts find themselves again and again, without understanding why they keep returning to drugs.'
2013 Book is the First on Post Acute Withdrawal
Davis postulates in his upcoming book, 'Post Acute Withdrawal: This Too Shall Pass,' that by educating addicts about PAWS and providing tools and resources to help them overcome the urge to use, long term recovery rates in the US will improve and help to relieve the public health burden of substance abuse.   He even went so far as to say that this could be a partial alternative to the War on Drugs.
'Addicts will relapse again and again because there are virtually uncontrollable neurological impulses in their brains that aggressively direct this behavior.  By eliminating part of the segment of addicts who will relapse as a result of PAWS symptoms, we take more innocent people out of the War on Drugs and help to restore and maintain the integrity of our societal foundations - especially that of the core  American family.'
PostAcuteWithdrawal.ORG is dedicated to helping addicts overcome the symptoms of PAWS.  To learn more, to take part in the PAWS forums or to respond to a survey about Protracted Withdrawal, please visit, or contact James Davis directly at    

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