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Fat Burning Diets Don't Work? Find Out Why


Nutrition and dietary expert Isabel De Los Rios's new book Fat Burning Fuel: For Total Fat Loss has found the secrete to burning fat and staying healthy.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Americans today live in a society that is getting increasingly more dependent on machines to do life's dirty work while people sit back and barely have to move a muscle. Cars have taken the place of walking, elevators have taken the place of stairs, high-calorie frozen meals have taken the place of fresh, fat burning foods. With all of these things that once took energy to perform gone, it is no wonder why obesity is growing so rapidly in the United States. The human body has not yet compensated for the extensive loss of physical activity and in not designed to digest these rich, processed foods. Renowned author and nutrition expert Isabel De Los Rios's new book Pure Fat Burning Fuel: For Total Fat Loss describes how it is not only a lack of physical activity that is causing rapid weight gain but also the lack of fresh, fat burning food intake.

The human body will not recognize many of the rich, processed foods that people eat every day as good, fat burning nutrients and instead will store it as fat. This causes a spike in blood pressure and a decrease in energy levels; two things cannot happen while trying to lose weight. In her new book, De Los Rios describes what foods are healthy, the fat burning foods to search for and what foods to stay away from. She understands that many people turn to highly processed foods because they are quick and easy to prepare. In return she has designed many recipes that are not only quick and easy, but are also incredibly healthy and full of fat burning nutrients.

For many people struggling with weight problems and obesity, Isabel De Los Rios's book will hit close to home as she has in fact struggled with the same problems throughout her entire life. As a survivor of obesity and the granddaughter to type-two diabetes, De Los Rios knows all to well how hard it is to overcome the repercussions of being over weight. She spent most of her life researching what it takes to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now after many years of study and experience, De Los Rios is an accomplished nutrition and dietary expert and maintains a healthy weight.

Although exercise and physical activity is an important component to burning fat and losing weight, eating healthy plays an even more important roll. De Los Rios's Pure Fat Burning Fuel: For Total Fat Loss is the perfect guide to the ultimate guest to a happier, healthier and fat burning life.

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