Market Overview saw over 8.9 million shares traded in Expert Group Inc after alerting it as one of their Best Penny Stocks


After alerting it as one of their Best Penny Stock Picks, saw over 8.9 million shares traded in Expert Group Inc. This sparked significantly increased interest in their Platinum Membership services.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 23, 2012

After a special alert on Expert Group, Inc subscribers to the penny stock newsletter platform, saw over 8.9 million shares traded in the company this past Wednesday. This heavy trading response represented a significantly heightened interest in the company, signifying the impressive growth rate of the Penny Stock Dream subscriber base, as the penny stock newsletter group continues to grow and strengthen the power and reach of its alert system and penny stocks blog.

As the strength of the penny stock alert system has continued to grow, they have seen significantly increased interest in subscribers purchasing VIP Platinum Membership packages. Over the course of the past 3 weeks Platinum Membership has increased by more than 650%, as more people interested in trading penny stocks opt for these special Platinum services, in order to receive early alerts before free members do. This allows them to receive special alerts in hopes of landing far greater profits than free members. Wednesday's trading volume signified the continued rapid growth that this top penny stock newsletter has seen in such a short span of time, as it seems that they have carved out a reputable name for themselves, seemingly out of nowhere.

Not only was volume very strong yesterday but there was also the recognition that Expert Group, Inc closed up 4.17% by the close of the trading day. This allowed their subscriber base to make significant trades for profit throughout the day as things progressed, even without full expectation that there would be enough interest in trading penny stocks, for this company to make significant strides. The sort of movement that was seen here today has been a catalyst in bringing heightened recognition to the platform, as it continues to grow within the penny stock exchange. In the past few weeks, it has almost seemed as though has expanded to the point at which their momentum will not be stopped, as they have so routinely outperformed other promotion groups working within the penny stock exchange. The top penny stock newsletter alerts that the Penny Stock Dream newsletter platform has been sending out over the past few weeks of trading have continued to see substantial gains on winning plays.

In the past six weeks, the platform has released numerous winning picks that have yielded over 2,600% in potential profits for their subscribers. The gains they have shown their followers have been impressive, especially when taken into account that is a very young platform that continues to grow rapidly. At the rate at which this group has grown, there are expectations being thrown around within the penny stock exchange community that they will surpass many of the larger penny stock newsletter groups as we head into the close of 2012. has established a platform that aims to deliver the absolute best penny stock picks to their subscribers before they have made significant gains. The awareness campaign for Expert Group, Inc seemed no exception to these plans, as they managed to raise awareness to the company's practices through social media platforms, well before major trades had come to the stock. Not only were there over 8.9 million shares traded but it also managed to see great opportunities for profitable trades on price movement throughout the day. Due to the incredible profits that investors have been seeing with alerts, there have been a greater amount of investors than ever before, signing up to their elevated Platinum Member packages, in hopes of netting far greater returns than free subscribers.

Over the course of the past 3 weeks Platinum Membership subscriptions have increased more than 6 times over. As time goes on their Platinum Membership services are expected to greatly outperform the penny stock exchange. With the many successes that has seen lately, they have had more attention paid to their penny stock newsletter platform than ever before, as they have been simultaneously receiving more hits on their website than ever before. As more visitors have made hits on their web platform, the global web rank of their website has grown to where they have surpassed over 19.9 million other websites within just the past six weeks. As a result of increased interest in their web platform the group has also seen record numbers of daily subscribers. As the platform continues to grow and attain recognition within the penny stock exchange, it comes as a great likelihood that their brand will continue to expand. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser's in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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