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One of a Kind Gift Ideas for the Spouse Presented by Quality Glass Block and Window Co.


Need to top that extravagant necklace that will continue to attract attention each time it's worn? Need to top the thousand piece tool chest that will be utilized and cherished for many years to come? Quality Glass Block and Window Co. offer a couple of suggestions that are sure to top all other ideas.

Morris, Illinois (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

When it comes to men and women, each each favorite part of the house. The women love the bathroom, especially the shower. This is proven each night when the man goes to take his shower and is met by a blinding fog of incredibly humid air as he steps into the bathroom to take his shower; only to be met by wet towels and an empty hot water heater. While men don't understand the love a women has for her bathroom, they still oblige their wives with ultra-classy, almost royalty-like bathrooms. What woman wouldn't love to have a highly decorative shower enclosure? Quality Glass Block and Window Co. recently released a new glass block shower enclosure kit that is very easy to install and customized to job requirements.

Men love their basements. There are so many ideas that can make a basement an “ultimate party place”. But not just for football season, it can be used by the entire family for entertainment purposes. Imagine after thanksgiving dinner, the family heads down the basement for a few drinks to alleviate the tension of a years' worth of family tension that almost came to a head during the dinner service. The friendly ambience of a new glass block bar coupled with two or three glasses of wine help to erase the mother in laws snide remarks of how the house isn't clean enough or how little Timmy should be cared for better.

Granted, having a glass block bar, or a glass block shower enclosure isn't going to solve the hot water issue or even keep the mother-in-law from chipping in her two cents; but it will definitely improve the look and feel of a home as well as add to the overall value of the residence. Not to mention that it will create an area within the home that the entire family will love to utilize. “Our glass block kits aren't limited to shower enclosures or bars; they can be used for glass block walls and even as a partition for a play area for the kids.” Claimed Ray Tuminello, president of Quality Glass Block and Window Co. While glass block isn't traditionally meant as a gift, giving a loved one a space that they can enjoy with friends and family for years to come, that is the real gift.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company ( is a leading provider of glass blocks used for windows, shower enclosures and vents. In addition to wholesale glass blocks, Quality Glass Block and Window Company provide installation services or guidance for do-it-yourself builders and homeowners.

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