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New Graduates No Longer Fear Unemployment and Give Top Marks to The Panic Free Job Search Boot Camp


New graduates are finding the step by step process to getting hired provided by Paul Hill, Job Search Expert at the Panic Free Job Search and HAPPEN Boot Camp, a real eye opener. New graduates are excited about getting and applying their own customized executable job search road map to landing a job in their field of study.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

Paul Hill, job search expert is thrilling new graduates as well as seasoned professionals at his eye opening job search boot camp sponsored by the HAPPEN Network. With the unemployment rate for new graduates estimated to be as high as 50% in the US, when you also take into consideration "under employed" new graduates, there is an urgent need for new graduates to learn more than just the traditional job search method of replying to online job postings. The high new graduate unemployment rate holds true in Canada also. According to John Ciampi, "Only 1% of total applicants get an interview." John is CEO of Preptel located in California and is an expert in digital resumes and online applications.

"That is a startling statistic when you realize only 1% are getting interviews not actually getting hired and yet most new graduates rely on this dismal "clicking and hoping" method and that just does not cut it in this economy" says Paul Hill, Job Search Boot Camp Leader and Chief Instructor at Transition to Hired. "Obviously there is a need to educate and show new graduates step by step how to land a job. New graduates are shown how to get away from hiding behind their resumes and how to get in front of decision makers in the flesh. This is why we created the job search boot camp to show new graduates and seasoned professionals not what to do but HOW to ACTUALLY DO IT."

"As a new graduate, the job search is a whole new animal. You come to realize how daunting and often fruitless the "electronic job hunt" really is, but that's all you know. It's a strange sensation to emerge from one of the most successful times of your life, feeling like you have so much to give, and yet finding yourself in a rut without the tools to get out. That's where Paul comes in; he introduces you to a whole new job search approach. It's directed, it's aggressive and most importantly it boasts a lot of promise. This is not about your resume; it's about what you want, what you have to offer and how to make that seen by those who can actually employ you. We highly recommend the job search boot camp to new graduates" said Katya Vlassov and Dasha Vlassov, two sharp Molecular Medicine graduates from Upsalla University who are seeking positions as an application scientist and sales scientist, respectively, and are also prepared to relocate for the right job.

Parents are also excited because they have invested so heavily in their childrens' schooling and yet are frustrated by the lack of progress in landing a job. Most parents understand that job search has changed over the last few years and many find themselves doing a job search at the same time as their children with the same dismal results to their own online "clicking and hoping."

"Its not the parents or the new grads fault" says Hill. "The problem is they both don't know what to do. Sure they have heard about networking but that only works if you know how to do it and most new grads have no real professional network. We cut through all the hype and get them to craft a professional message and then show them how to get in front of decision makers, how to deliver the message, and how to get decision makers excited about guiding or even offering them jobs. The secret is how we get new graduates to craft and deliver their message, with absolutely no gimmicks, so that it makes decision makers jump up and take notice.”

The Panic Free Job Search and HAPPEN Boot Camp

The next Panic Free Job Search Boot Camp is on Nov 29 and Nov 30. It is 18 hours over 2 days, plus 8 days of follow-up, coaching, and unlimited support until participants get hired. The job search boot camp takes place at the beautiful Living Arts Centre in downtown Mississauga, Ontario near Toronto. Recent job search boot camps have sold out with participants driving up from the US to take part.

The Panic Free Job Search Boot Camp has a limited number of participants since Paul Hill, the author of The Panic Free Job Search book and Chief Instructor of the boot camp works hands-on with each participant to maximize their learning experience. Participants get a daily step by step planner after the boot camp and are provided with a step by step LinkedIn profile optimization video plus a step by step video and session notes on material covered in the boot camp and unlimited support until boot camp graduates get hired. To register for the boot camp or to secure a spot to upcoming boot camps call 1-888-277-8798 or go to

About Transition to Hired and Paul Hill

Transition to Hired, a division of ADV Advanced Technical Services Inc., is dedicated to providing leading edge job search and career coaching services including the groundbreaking 'Panic Free Job Search Boot Camp' and innovative products that facilitate the job search process and get professionals hired. Paul Hill has dedicated over 25 years of his career to helping professionals get hired, and is the author of The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired. For more information go to and follow Paul Hill on twitter @GetHiredFastTrk

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