Market Overview Founder Sherry Tingley Releases A Wordpress Plugin To Help Personal Finance Bloggers And All Types Of Bloggers


Personal and business finance writer Sherry Tingley highlights her new Wordpress Plugin, Financial Tips, designed to help bloggers publish financial tips or tips from any niche to keep their content fresh and their readers informed. Tingley also highlights five strategies for using the Financial Tips plugin.

(PRWEB) November 07, 2012

In a new post on her popular personal finance, and small business finance blog, Sherry Tingley, founder of business checks website, is announcing a new tool to help bloggers keep their readers interested and keep their content publishing fresh and relevant.

The WordPress plugin, called "Financial Tips" was released November 6, 2012, through the popular website. That's where you can download the plugin and use the powerful tool. The demand for providing new content for consumers to read, challenges even the best of writers.

The Financial Tips Widget will expand a webmasters ability to produce fresh content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and to take control over what information they share. Website owners will be empowered to use the best quotes or tips for any particular niche they happen to be in.

Users can choose or create categories to display text in a sidebar widget. This text will automatically change on a regular basis. Choices are daily changes, weekly changes or monthly changes.

Although the Financial Tips widget does come with a series of good, inspirational tips and concepts regarding personal finance, the user has the choice of creating their own categories and customizing what they have deemed to be the most useful for their audiences.

“To be in alliance and compliance with Google's demands for fresh ideas and content, our goal is to help bloggers display their unique contributions to the world with ease and reliability," commented Sherry Tingley, who also notes that some sites have been hit hard by Goggle's constantly changing algorithm updates, specifically the Google Penguin and Panda updates. Providing fresh, unique content is required to maintain search engine rankings.

Also in her blog, Tingley also points out five strategies that bloggers can use to be successful when using the Financial Tips widget:

1. Set aside a time to collect your own good quotes and tips. These can come from off line sources such as past experiences, water cooler discussions or networking with others.

2. Get a grip on doing research for satisfying your particular audience, so that the tips and quotes you choose to use will be of the highest value and inspire others.

3. Align your content with the changing needs of people trying to make sound financial plans to secure their futures. 20-somethings who typically have smaller incomes may have the more challenges in budgeting as 50-somethings who are likely to have already mastered their financial futures. For other niches, recognize that change is a constant.

4. Create a workable content creation system that takes the fear and emotion out of producing fresh content on a daily basis. The more clear the system is, the better content he or she will make.

5. Search for the unique, unusual and surprising events that can often be shared over and over again. The more people share your content, the more your traffic will grow.

Producing fresh content can feel like a crushing burden that gets heavier each day, but many webmasters have, are and will produce great content. It doesn't happen overnight, but when using the Financial Tips widget, it's both possible and realistic.

Adds Tingley: “We built the technology, you provide the momentum."

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