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Plug and Play Solar Generator Provides Power Outage Solutions to Frankenstorm Targets


Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast leaving millions of people without power. Those that had gas generators were waiting in line for hours. The few fortunate enough to have a solar powered backup generator were about to beat the storm and not waste recovery time in lines for gasoline.

Thomson, IL (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

On Monday (October 29th), Hurricane Sandy left over 8 million people without power. The devastating storm ripped down power lines and submerged parts of electrical grids across the Northeast part of the country. However, some people were still able to run their refrigerator, lights, iPads, iPhones, or a weather radio. These people had prepared for the upcoming power outage with the help of a Solutions From Science “Plug and Play Solar Generator.”

While these small, portable solar generators aren't capable of powering an entire house during a storm, they provide enough power to run basic, necessary appliances during severe weather power outages. The back-up battery can be charged with a normal AC outlet as well as the unit's solar panel. And there are no cords to pull like gas generators, making them ideal for anyone to ride out severe weather events.

Solar generators are safer than both gas generators and candles, preventing the leading causes of death in a power outage. People who want to know more about this new device can visit to learn more about the difference between gas generators and solar generators.

“Hurricane season is ending soon, but winter storm season is next,” cautioned Bill Heid, President of Solutions From Science. “Last year's winter storms left people to suffer for weeks without power. Winter storms seem to be getting more fierce, so much so that the National Weather Service has begun naming them just like hurricanes. It's always better to be prepared. Frankly, it's pretty tough to ship solar generators when the roads are closed.”

The 1800-watt solar generators are available at The site also offers a number of other back-up power products that would be extremely helpful during emergency weather events.

For more information contact Tony Belha at Tony(at)SolutionsFromScience(dot)com, call 815-259-0168, or visit the website at

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