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FOX Penny Stocks Announces PacWest Equities 3:1 Forward Stock Split

Share: has acquired the Stockzilla, the leading small cap financial newsletter. Today they report on why PacWest Equities added a D to their ticker symbol.

(PRWEB) November 05, 2012

FOX Investors the most trusted name in finance has expanded it's reach to cover the small and microcap stock market. Via Stockzilla, FOX alerts and advises members on trending penny stocks with growth potential.

FOX has updated their website to include a library of informative blogs by senior adviser Edward James and a penny stock dictionary full of useful penny stock terminology.

Companies such as Adobe and Frontier Oil started as well managed, profit yielded small businesses then exploded in share price once main street discovered there potential. There are many small companies like these that exist right now. uses their experienced research and analysis team to uncover these soon to be investor profit machines.

Recently, PacWest Equities reported a 3:1 forward stock split for investors beginning this November 5. Currently PacWest is trading in the .50 cent range and has had the "D" added to the end of their ticker symbolizing it is going through this stock split.

FOX advises extreme caution when trading speculative securities. The volatility of the OTC yields massive profits for smart, timely traders but also has created massive losses for the uninformed.

FOX Investors is anxiously anticipating this weeks trading sessions as researchers are preparing to unveil the next super company that will be on every traders radar by weeks end. For a free subscription to Stockzilla please visit

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