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Resiliency and Rebuilding Post-Sandy Through Family Play Therapy for Children and Adults


After a disaster or a traumatic event, it's important to get back to routine as soon as possible to help cope with loss and stress, however this may be logistically impossible. Family therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil developed what she calls "family play therapy," and suggests that families affected by Hurricane Sandy use it to cope during this time of upheaval.

(PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Although family and relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil says it's ideal to get back to a routine after a natural disaster, this is often impossible for those hardest hit. Schools are still closed down and the lack of a routine can be especially difficult for children. In light of this, Dr. Bonnie suggests parents help their kids participate in Family Play Therapy - a type of therapy she developed as her dissertation to help children cope with traumatic events. This type of therapy can be done with kids as young as two years old, and has been used to help people manage affects of other disasters like Katrina and 9/11.

It's a simple type of therapy that only requires using play and happy interactions to help the child communicate what they may be feeling. "Kids get stressed and depressed, too," points out Dr. Bonnie, "but it can be difficult to get them to understand what they're feeling and talk about it." Play therapy is designed to get them talking in a playful environment - something they're familiar with already.

Dr. Bonnie acknowledges that for many families, play may be the furthest thing from their mind right now, but it's important for all involved. For adults, it's important they take advantage of the time they have with their kids, to let out their inner child, and provide as much of a fun atmosphere as they can - this is what memories are made of. This fosters bonding between parents and children. Play is to children what conversation is to adults, and everyone is a child at heart! People need to dilute the pain and help them stay resilient as they heal.

As insurmountable as circumstances might feel, Dr. Bonnie reminds families that these can be bonding times, things that kids look back on later with fondness in spite of the difficulties.

For more information on how to do Family Play Therapy (discussed here:!) - which is also used in coping with adultery and divorce - check out her book Adultery the Forgivable Sin, in the chapter titled: Saving the Children Through Family Play Therapy. And check out her “5 Star Video Contributor" via YouTube/Google” with more videos about dealing with the hurricane.

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