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Nicolites Responds to Growing Fears of Lung Disease


Leading electronic cigarette provider, Nicolites, has responded to news that the north east is at the top of the national league for lung disease.

(PRWEB UK) 5 November 2012

The north east is the region at the top of the national league for lung disease, according to The Northern Echo because of its high levels of smoking. Doctors in the area have reported seeing men and women as young as 30 suffering from years of inhaling tobacco smoke.

Lung disease claims 23,000 lives each year with large amounts of lung tissue irreversibly damaged or destroyed through the condition, making it increasingly difficult to carry out simple physical tasks.

Many modern victims of the lung disease have often brought it upon themselves with years of willingly smoking. The condition is now referred to as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as an umbrella term for chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Doctors are encouraging smokers to quit, citing that it's never too late to stop. Smokers often see symptoms of lung disease in their 40s and 50s, but many are now beginning to show signs in their 30s.

Nicolites have been supporting Stoptober this month, and constantly keep themselves up to date with the dangers of smoking. Managing Director, Nikhil Nathwani said:

“As more and more people become aware of the many health risks related to smoking tobacco, people are looking into methods to help them stop smoking once and for all. We've been supporting Stoptober this month with our 28 day Stoptober kit which includes one rechargeable kit and four refills with an option of strengths as well as free post and packaging.

Electronic cigarettes can be an effective tool to help quit smoking and do not contain the same dangerous toxins as tobacco.”

Nicolites is now the leading and most widely available brand of electric cigarette in the UK; they have formed business partnerships with many of the largest retailers to bring these wonderful innovations right on to the doorstep of every person in the country. Established in late 2007, Nicolites has grown into a multi-million pound company with international distribution networks and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

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