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Internet Reputation Management Expert JW Maxx Solutions Recommends Hotels Use Surveys to Reduce Negative Feedback


Internet Reputation Management Expert, JW Maxx Solutions informs clients about the debut of the new Opinionmeter International software, Touchpoint which is set to make reputation management for hotels much more efficient.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

JW Maxx Solutions is an internet reputation management expert that focuses solely on the improvement and management of their client's reputation through innovative tools, and practices. This company is always one step ahead of traditional management practices. This is why JW Maxx Solutions monitors the newest technology, seeking to make online reputation management much more efficient. The new release of Touchpoint, by Opinionmeter International, is innovative software designed to help hotels better understand their guests. This is one of many survey applications hitting the market this year that can be used to manage guest's feedback more efficiently.

As a top internet reputation management expert, JW Maxx Solutions is always looking for the best ways to help their clients. Navigating seas of negative reviews is a problem that many businesses face, especially in the hospitality industry. There are many people that take up arms against hotels when they don't leave an establishment completely satisfied. The purpose of the “Touchpoint” is to fix the problem as soon as they are created. With this device, hotels are made aware of problems in real time, so they can attend to disgruntled guests before they start complaining online. This diminishes the amount of negative reviews online.

JW Maxx Solutions recognizes that applications like this are the future of customer service in the hospitality industry. Through Touchpoint, it is popular for a guest to use a mobile device and rate problems, as well as the benefits, of staying in certain hotels. These guests can also provide their input on mobile kiosks found in lobbies. This is the future of reputation management in hotels, fixing problems before they become comments on internet review boards. Walter Halicki, CEO of internet reputation management expert JW Maxx Solutions states, “Reviews are always going to exist, and in a time when negative reviews can really hurt a business, software like this is providing advanced management opportunities for the hospitality industry.”

The Touchpoint software is expected to be the next big thing in reputation management. A guest of a hotel will arrive in their rooms and find a paper survey. On this survey is an OR code that these guests can then scan with mobile devices, which will prompt the load of a virtual survey. Once this survey is completed, the alerts are broadcasted back to management of the hotel. This allows for immediate solutions to any problems. Hotels can individually select questions specific to them, and will ultimately use this information to manage their online reputations. This is an exciting new development for an internet reputation management expert like JW Maxx Solutions.

Software isn't enough to maintain a positive internet presence, which is why businesses enlist the help of an internet reputation management expert. Businesses like JW Maxx Solutions not only suppress negative press, they also promote positive content. This software is a handy tool in the future of reputation management. However, for businesses to effectively manage their reputations, they should use the services of experts like JW Maxx Solutions along with the newest advances in technology.

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