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JW Maxx Solutions Exposes Fraudulent Reputation Management Agencies


JW Maxx Solutions is a top online reputation management company that is watching out for the interests of clients by informing business owners of fraudulent reputation management agencies that take money and obtain no results.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

JW Maxx Solutions is one of the top online reputation management agencies in the industry and they are warning clients to watch out for reputation management companies that aren't doing their jobs. In a time when online reputation is everything to consumers, businesses can't afford to not have a positive internet presence. If a consumer is looking for a service, they want the best, and if a business has negative reviews, they will more than likely lose that consumer. This is why so many businesses are turning to experts like JW Maxx Solutions, to receive help with their reputation management. However, recently there has been a streak of several reputation management companies that are taking client's money and running.

JW Maxx Solutions understands the importance of reputation management and some businesses don't perform a thorough enough interview when signing up with a reputation management agency. The first thing that these business owners should do is perform research online. If an online reputation management agency is promising results, then the internet should be full of positive feedback. When encountering a scam company, there will generally be a void of information on the internet. It will look as though this company has never existed, or there will be a mass amount of negative reviews. When receiving either one of these results in an internet search, drop that company immediately.

Top online reputation management specialist JW Maxx Solutions has received clients that were taken advantage of my bad reputation management agencies. Some of these businesses asked for clients to pay them in advance for services. Then, unsuspecting business owners would pay the fees, and the online reputation agencies were never heard from again. Walter Halicki CEO of JW Maxx Solutions stated, “Sadly, there are businesses looking to take advantage of clients in the online reputation management industry, and business owners need to be careful and look for the signs”. If online reputation management agencies want all the money up front, don't offer a contract, and can't show proof of satisfied customers then business owners need to watch out. Any legitimate company will have proof of their services, if no information can be found about the success of reputation management agencies then look for another one.

These are only a few of the ways that businesses can guard themselves against the services of fraudulent reputation management agencies. Thankfully there are experts in the reputation management field like JW Maxx Solutions that work toward protecting unsuspecting business owners. So, when owners are shopping around for someone to manage their reputation, choose reputation management experts like JW Maxx Solutions, not fraudulent companies looking to swindle unsuspecting business owners.

JW Maxx Solutions, online reputation management strategy company, can be contacted at:
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Phone: 602-953-7798
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