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Redman Power Chair and Standing Frames Comparison


A look at how the Redman Power Chair stands up to standing frames and mobile standers.

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Redman Power Chair, pioneers in standing technology provides a side by side comparison to standing frames and other mobile standers and power chairs as a new feature on their website at Redman Power Chair and Standing Frames Comparison. The aim of this page is to give people a look into what makes the Chief 107-ZRx special and sets it apart as the complete mobile solution.

“I first used a standing frame at my physical therapist's office, and loved it. Once while standing in it, I passed out and it took three people to get me out of it! ... I had it in my house for about a year and every time I thought of getting into it, I'd wonder what would happen if I passed out again…Then my husband saw something online about Redman, totally solved the problem. If I ever passed out again, my husband could just lay me down. I now use my Redman to stand for 30 minutes every day”
–Aileen S. Murray

Standing therapy is an integral part of physical therapy for wheelchair users. Standing increases blood flow, bone mineral density, and urinary health (among others). In addition to its physical benefits, standing has psychological benefits as well. When in the market for a standing frame, mobile stander, or power chair, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of your options. Not only are standing frames difficult to transfer in and out of, but it uses a crank to operate, impossible for use by quadriplegics. The Redman Chief 107-ZRx provides the peace of mind that comes with standing, as well as unmatched independence with controls that can be customized for ANY fit.

The Redman team makes coming to an informed decision an easy task with an informative website that offers valuable information, product demos, how-to videos, comparisons, an interactive photo gallery, “chairapy”, off-road features, and so much more. See how the Chief 107-ZRx compares to other power chairs as well at Redman Dare to Compare

About Redman Power Chair:
Redman Power Chair has been perfecting the art of standing technology for over twenty years. The Chief 107-ZRX standing power wheelchair goes where no standard power wheelchair has gone before—it allows you to stretch, recline, stand, and move like you never thought possible. Redman Power Chair has been perfecting only one model for their 20 years in business and this dedication is certainly apparent in the product. Redman's attention to detail, innovative technology, and focus on customer satisfaction sets the bar for power wheelchair companies everywhere. For more information, visit, or call Sam at 1(800)727-6684, ext. 1, prompt 2.

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