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Verified Clinical Trials Exhibits at the 2012 Chicago AAPS To Promote Improved Research Subject Safety And Data Quality And Stopping Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials


Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) has rapidly become the largest clinical trials database registry to stop professional research subjects from dual enrollment in clinical trials. It is estimated that nearly 1 billion dollars per year may be spent on faulty data with resultant increased health risks secondary to poor quality research volunteers that game the clinical trial system.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) was an exhibitor at the the 2012 Annual AAPS Meeting. While at the conference, Verified Clinical Trials demonstrated the sophisticated system that it has developed to stop potential professional research subjects from dual enrolling in multiple trials.

Mitchell Efros MD FACS, reviewed the challenges detecting these individuals in clinical trials and thwarting their participation in multiple trials simultaneously or commencing a new trial prior to the determined safe washout period. Dr. Mitchell Efros, CEO of Verified Clinical Trials (VCT), described methods to detect professional research subject s and dual enrollment by use of the unified clinical trial database registry that VCT offers as a means to discover these individuals and improve clinical trial research subject safety and data quality. Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) is the largest North American clinical trials database registry. Because VCT is 100% web based, the system is scalable and affordable without the need to purchase and install software or hardware. This allows VCT to focus on both early phase and late phase trials improving the coverage and worth of the entire database. Coverage with the VCT database system includes large research facilities and thousands of smaller sites involved in later phase trials as well.

Mitchell Efros MD FACS, the President and CEO of VCT, stated "We are so proud of the growth Verified Clinical Trials has achieved as well as the recognition by the clinical trial and pharmaceutical industry. We attribute this to the fantastic system we created as well the industry's unwillingness to accept less than perfect data and any potential safety risks to the volunteer."

Kerri Weingard ANP COO added "We have added so many of the world's largest and most significant pharmaceutical and clinical trial companies in the world to our registry in both the early and late phase trial space. This is a testament to how well our system functions and the excellent customer service that VCT provides."

About Verified Clinical Trials
Verified Clinical Trials is a forward thinking company developed by experts in the clinical research community to proactively improve research subject safety and data quality in clinical research trials. Verified Clinical Trials halts dual enrollment in clinical trials and defines itself as the world's leader in the field of database registries in clinical trial research. Verified Clinical Trials is the only clinical research database registry that is fully web based and designed specifically to enhance the quality of both early and late phase trials and has the scalability to reach all sites nationally and globally. Verified Clinical Trials is a HIPAA- and 21 CFR part 11- compliant online subject registry to anonymously and securely validate subjects and prevent dual enrollment in multiple concurrent research studies. Verified Clinical Trials offers numerous other value-added services to the clinical research site, CRO, and pharmaceutical sponsor, that prove invaluable with regards to financial and legal issues and liabilities. To RSVP or for more information, visit

Verified Clinical Trials Contact Info
Kerri Weingard, ANP, Chief Operating Officer
Verified Clinical Trials +1 516 998-7499

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