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Cheeky Wipes washable cloth baby wipes kit could save Thames Water £6 million per year


On Friday 26 October, Thames Water products told families that using disposable wet wipes on baby (and adult!) bottoms is costing them millions of pounds a year in blocked drains, and that the solution is to use a foaming solution so that wet wipes are no longer needed. Helen Rankin says that Thames Water have got it wrong because their solution is expensive and does not help families reduce their environmental impact on the planet. Instead, Helen Rankin says that the solution is to use a natural, washable wipes kit like Cheeky Wipes.

(PRWEB UK) 5 November 2012

Says Helen:
“I've sat and worked this out – it costs approximately 3.8 pence every time someone needs to go the loo using the Thames Water solution whereas Cheeky Cloth Baby Wipes only cost .06 of a penny per time. So that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘spending a penny', doesn't it? [1]

And with more than 15,000 happy customers, Cheeky Wipes has saved more than 216 million wipes being flushed down the toilet or going to landfill, in the last four years alone – and that's a conservative estimate! [2]

Says Helen:
“If Thames Water encouraged people to use Cheeky Wipes, they could save up to half of their £12 million pound annual cost on clearing around 80,000 blockages a year so it really does add up for families to think about what they use.” [3]

Helen has tried to contact Thames Water to offer her natural, washable wipes as a solution but as yet, she's not had a reply. She says that's “no surprise as their solution is revenue generating and keeps them in business.” When it comes to numbers, Helen really does know what she's talking about because she worked for financial service providers for 17 years and she is acutely aware that families need to save at every opportunity, because she's a mum of four herself.

Says Helen: “By making families aware of that fact that they have a choice when it comes to wiping their bottoms, we can enable them to have happier, healthier bottoms and make the planet healthier and happier as well.”

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[1]     Freshu soapy cleanser – 2.9p per wipe,
Aloe Vera Toilet Paper 0.92p per 3 sheets of paper
Total cost per wipe 3.8p

[2]     216,000,000 = 3,000,000 packs of 72 baby wipes
15,000 Cheeky Wipes customers have replaced an average of 200 packs of baby wipes with one set of Cheeky wipes = 3,000,000 packs of wipes

[3]    Cheeky Wipes cost £50 for their all-in-one washable wipes kit over a 2 year period,.
25 wipes, washed on alternate days for 2 years = 9100 wipes
Total Cost per wipe= £0.005 per wipe

Notes to Editors
Helen is available for interview for print, audio and online outlets. She is happy to do pre record, live conversation and debate.

About Cheeky Wipes: Cheeky Wipes was founded in September 2008 and is headquartered in Seaford, East Sussex. The Company designs, markets and sells the world's first natural, cloth baby wipes "all-in-one" system for both cloth and disposable nappy users. The Cheeky Wipes All-In-One Kit boasts the unique and practical combination of being better for baby, the environment and money-saving. The Cheeky Wipes All-In-One Kit's individual kit products are also sold separately. Cheeky Wipes products are available on and through resellers and affiliates, including in Europe and in Australia.

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