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Bad Customers Can Improve Companies, says James Schramko in Latest Business Management Video


SuperFastBusiness owner and marketing expert James Schramko talks about why bad customers happen to businesses and presents sharp management strategies on how companies can turn the bad into good.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

It's not all bad news when difficult customers happen to good businesses. And this week's business video update on explains why. Owner and marketer James Schramko, who has been traveling around Europe while still providing up-to-the-minute business tips and news in web marketing, reveals that a company shouldn't always stress over bad customers because they will often teach the business how it can improve its products and its processes.

The SuperFastBusiness owner explains, “They show us where our customer service ceilings are because the difficult customers, the crazy customers—who are extra demanding on our support, who ask for things they shouldn't ask for—they help us set the parameters for everyone else.” Schramko further adds that once the tough customers demands have been met, with full satisfaction, the achievement inevitably has a positive effect on how the business does its future dealings with other clients. If a company can work miracles for a demanding customer, it would make sense for that company to overcome the smaller hurdles.

Of course, the successful business owner isn't necessarily recommending that businesses should strive only to deal with tough clients. The business can make the call to either invest more time and manpower or not deal with the difficult client at all. In addition to helping companies improve their customer service and, consequently, their products, Schramko says that the experience, however harrowing, will also enable companies to actually improve how they filter their customers.

In connection with learning from challenging clients, Schramko encourages companies to implement a fair and reasonable approach to managing employees. Schramko emphasizes that businesses will get better results from their employees when they run a reasonable working environment. When employees are commanded to do projects that cannot realistically be done, whether it's a small team working on a tight deadline or completing a substantial scope, Schramko warns businesses that things will naturally spin out of control.

The SuperFastBusiness owner then recommends, “Be fair and reasonable in all of your dealings — business will be easier for you.”

Schramko adds a couple more essential business management tips for beginner entrepreneurs and would-be business owners, which deal with prioritizing tasks and overcoming setbacks. The Australian entrepreneur provides practical strategies in handling jobs or objectives that come off as dull and tedious, which he says can be accomplished by simply ignoring distractions. He enforces his tip by stating that the “boring things will actually get us the amazing results.”

Schramko closes out his latest business video by posing a challenge to viewers: “Find out an activity that you're doing, that you should not be doing, even if it's mowing the lawn or doing your laundry. Find someone else to do it. Pay them, or if it's some kind of software that can be bought to automate something you're doing manually, get it this week.” is a prime resource for online and offline companies on how to run and grow profitable businesses. This week's video offers a lot of leverage as Schramko focuses on management ideas and strategies that are good for business. For more ideas and strategies, watch James Schramko's video updates on SuperFastBusiness.

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