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Provider of Online Life Insurance Quotes,, Pledges Absolute Privacy to Prospects and Clients

Share:, a website which provides instant online life insurance quotes, now offers their service without any personal information being requested from the user. The proprietor of this service, Eric Smith, believes that this will increase the likelihood that users will return to the website and ultimately choose as their preferred source for online life insurance quotes.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 04, 2012 is publicly affirming their strict privacy policy to provide online life insurance quotes without ever requiring personal information be entered by the user. Eric Smith, the founder of believes this will allow the service to stand out as superior from the hundreds of similar websites on the World Wide Web that require personal information and also the thousands more that don't provide online life insurance quotes at all but simply forward the user's information to companies and agents who bid on the information.

“Nearly every website that offers online life insurance quotes does so only if personal information is furnished by the user. In many cases these sites can even verify if the information entered is bogus so they will not proceed to showing the user life insurance quotes if they enter a suspect phone number or email address. While in the short term this makes complete sense to the companies which operate these websites, I feel I can be of more value by not being as draconian. With an individual can compare online life insurance quotes by simply entering their birth date, gender and state of residence. This means a savvy user can access term life insurance quotes in about 20 seconds as opposed to waiting days for multiple agents to call”, said Eric Smith.

Eric Smith, the licensed independent life insurance agent behind, also wants to affirm that at no time and under no circumstance does any of the personal information get sold or traded to third parties. “Read the privacy policy on one of these typical life insurance websites and you'll see that not only do they reserve the right to trade or sell your information at will, they archive and store it to be sold later to various email marketers and telemarketing firms. It might be profitable, but knowing what I know, I would never enter my information into such a form”, said Eric Smith.

Eric Smith intends to continue promoting via what he deems the most “consumer-friendly” methods available. “I'm not interested in making as much money as I can today, or even this year. I'm interested in promoting what I can safely say is a superior and competitive service and turning it into a nationally known brand that I can be proud of”, said Eric Smith.

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