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(PRWEB) November 04, 2012

Electronic cigarette user Kelly Randles explains why she finds the device very practical. “You just hit it whenever you get the urge at certain times of the day. It's totally different from a cigarette, because you don't have to finish the whole thing. You take a couple of puffs, put it down and do whatever you were doing.”

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Like Kelly, hundreds and thousands of other e cigarette users concur that it's just so much more convenient to “vape” as opposed to smoking actual tobacco. The ease and comfort by which one can benefit from with using the e cig, however, is a secondary consideration. What's more imperative about it is the fact that it is actually proving to be a very helpful smoking cessation tool.

Smokers who have been hooked on tobacco for many years now find themselves pleasantly surprised at how easy making the switch turned out to be. Knowing that the device does not expose them to the harmful toxins and free radicals present in tobacco sticks make it all the more appealing for them. Having the freedom to choose how much nicotine they would want to have in their device is also a huge plus.

This option is made possible because electric cigarettes rely on refillable cartridges of liquid vapor. Companies have been keen nowadays to market variants with different levels of nicotine content, as well as flavours that mimic those of tobacco brands. What this does is to complete the simulation of smoking real tobacco, when in fact, the user is merely “vaping”.

This is what they call the act of using this product, essentially because it emits vapor instead of tobacco smoke. This is also the reason why it is otherwise known as vapor cigarettes.

Of course, studies have been conducted to determine just how safe the contents of this vapor are. One such study was spearheaded by known e cig advocate, Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health.

“Few, if any, chemicals at levels detected in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns," he was quoted as saying. “Although the existing research does not warrant a conclusion that electronic cigarettes are safe in absolute terms and further clinical studies are needed to comprehensively assess the safety of electronic cigarettes, a preponderance of the available evidence shows them to be much safer than tobacco cigarettes and comparable in toxicity to conventional nicotine replacement products.”

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While more research is needed to conclusively declare e cigarettes as absolutely safe, consumers may meanwhile access valuable information regarding this product via

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