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Speed Reading Skills Can Be Applied to All Kinds of Texts, Announces 7 Speed Reading Software Developers


7 Speed Reading software developers announced today how speed reading techniques are transferable to all types of texts based on study in Vinh University in Vietnam.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 04, 2012

A study conducted by Vinh Universty in Vietnam confirms that speed reading skills, once learned, aren't limited to the specific type of text the learner practices on. The researchers found what has been named “speed reading transferability” - the capacity to speed read different types of text, regardless of what was used as the practice text when learning to speed read initially.

Marc Slater, director of 7 Speed Reading software, commented on these findings and said, “We're all very excited that more research is actually backing up our claims of speed reading transferability. In the past, many people have incorrectly dismissed speed reading software as a useless investment. But today, research is corroborating our claims and further validating the efficiency and possibilities of speed reading software.”

The study focused on how students could learn to speed read text types on which they did not receive any explicit training.

The results were rather impressive, as students were able to excel in the task of speed reading in and of itself, as well as in speed reading many types of text. In fact, the study showed a correlation between the amount of speed reading improvement both in the targeted texts and in other texts that were not directly taught.

“No one can now argue against the usefulness and significance of speed reading software. Whilst speed reading was initially aimed at academics and students, now we can see the potential benefits for everyone – speed reading improvement can easily apply to all types of readers and texts. This is definitely a great development in the speed reading field,” Marc Slater concluded.

Given the limited amount of free time most people have available, the idea of being able to speed read almost any type of text, from blog posts to newspapers and classical literature, the results of this study should provide both a relief and incentive for all those people who love to read but cannot find the time. As research has proven, you just need to learn to speed read and you'll be able to transfer that skill to any type of text.

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