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Emerging Enterprise Interviews Pete Santora with ThundrLizard


BusinessRadioX®'s Emerging Enterprise features Pete Santora with ThundrLizard.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

On October 31, 2012, BusinessRadioX®'s Emerging Enterprise welcomed to the studio Pete Santora with ThundrLizard. Co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton originally met Santora at last week's Venture Atlanta 2012 and invited him into the studio to learn more about ThundrLizard's sales lead generation process.

Pete Santora is the Founder and CEO of ThundrLizard. ThundrLizard is the fastest, smartest way to go from cold lead to qualified prospect by prioritizing leads with actionable real-time intelligence. The process is akin to Moneyball for lead generation using “Big Data” to find the needle in the haystack that can prioritize a lead for sales reps and lead to a sale.

Santora further explained “Big Data” as the ability to leverage lots of different pieces of raw data and be able to pull some type of insight out. “If we can make a sales person's job better, even a 5-10% increase is a big bottom line difference.”

According to Santora, the goal of ThundrLizard is to focus that “Big Data” capability on the lead generation market and to understand what it is that makes a lead, why someone would be interested in that and how likely is that to go through the entire lifecycle.

To learn more about ThundrLizard's capabilities and processes, please listen to a rebroadcast of this show at Emerging Enterprise.

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