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Local Doctor Relieved Over 7,500 Patients from Back Pain Without the Need for Surgery


Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic Centre has been helping many patients suffering from chronic pain for many years. Today Dr. Harris has reached a remarkable milestone in his practice, where he has treated over 7,500 patients with back pain.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

“Before you decide to have surgery for back pain, I challenge you to try chiropractic first,” says Dr. Mark Harris, a chiropractor from Dallas, TX who has treated over 7,500 patients with back pain.

"We get a lot of patients who were in chronic pain and told by their primary care physician that they really had no other option other than surgery. They chose chiropractic as a last ditch effort. They were shocked, in numerous cases, we have been able to get many of these patients fully recovered without the need for surgery or pain medication,” says Dr. Harris.

Dr. Mark Harris has been helping back pain patients since he graduated from, Palmer College of Chiropractic-Davenport, IA, in 1983.

Dr. Harris says. "People think chiropractic is new. But it's not. Records show that spinal manipulation can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates. Studies show that 80% of the American population will suffer back pain at some point. This is a pervasive problem and I believe that chiropractic offers a real alternative to surgery.”

"In treating bulging discs, most experts agree that conservative care should be tried before surgery is considered. That's what chiropractic offers. It has a long history, going back to 1895, of effectively stopping back, neck, and shoulder pain, without the need for drugs or surgery," Dr. Harris concluded.

Dr. Harris offers new patients a complimentary consultation. Once you meet Dr. Harris and his staff, you won't find the need to go anywhere else. Dr. Mark Harris is located at 17610 Midway Rd., Suite 124 Dallas, TX 75287. Telephone: (972) 380-6977.

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