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Try Electronic Cigarette Risk Free: E Cigarette Sale For Public Health Supported By Researchers, Physicians


Nicotine addiction is one of the major challenges smokers face when trying to quit smoking. In its support, is distributing risk free electronic cigarette starter kits under its try before buy campaign. New e cigarette trial kits come in three nicotine level strengths.

(PRWEB) November 03, 2012

63-year-old Newton smoked for most of his life. A full 51 years, in fact, was spent, being reliant on a tobacco stick. He claims to have tried all sorts of products to help him quit the habit. In August of 2010, he finally tried electronic cigarettes. From that point on, there was no turning back .

“My brain still thinks it's smoking. But my smoker's cough is gone,” he said of his e cigarette use. “I feel a lot better.”

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Like Newton, many people have desperately sought help to kick the tobacco habit for good. From nicotine patches to gums, acupunctures, even hypnosis, all these have a general failure in so far as permanently getting the smoker out of the addiction, so to speak.

Smokeless cigarettes, on the other hand, have been around only for a few several years, and already, the success stories are pouring in heavily. As what Newton testified, the effectiveness of the electric cigarettes are founded on its simple technology of vapor-based “smoking”.

As it is a rechargeable gadget, it makes no use of tobacco leaves, instead relying on cartridges of liquid vapor. This then emits an odourless, colorless, sometimes flavourless water vapor. The psychological effects turn out to be astounding. By merely mimicking the sensation of the act of smoking, those who use these smokeless cigarettes “trick their brains” into thinking that they are still on the habit of tobacco smoking, even when they are clearly not.

With so much people rushing to get their hands on the device, studies have been conducted far and wide in the hopes of securing a guarantee that vapor cigarettes are indeed safe for the users.

One such study was conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health, under the tutelage of Professor Michael Seigl. Sending out survey forms to smokers and electric cigarette users, the researcher found that 31% of the respondents quit tobacco absolutely within the 6-month period. Meanwhile, 49% claimed they had quit, but with no specific amount of time.

The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) is on board with supporting the sale of the said products to adults as well. For them, it is already a step in the right direction “because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years.”

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