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Financial Success Starts At Recess - Let's Raise Future Little "Clark Howards" and "Suze Ormans"


A crucial educational tool is released today as “Money Doesn't Grow on Trees”, by Karima LaJoie, a fully illustrated children's book to teach kids basic financial concepts to set them up for future success. A must have for all.

Lansing, MI (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees is a mother's attempt to make a difference in her 6-month old baby's financial future. This fun and colorful book provides kids with a much needed early education in money management to avoid the common debt situations we see today in adulthood. Kids will learn various ways to earn money with the understanding that they should not get paid every time they help around the house. They will also be introduced to the concept of the three jars to guide them on how to divide the money they earn. Each jar will have a purpose and will respectively receive money to be saved, money to be spent and money to be given away to charity. Lessons of patience, wise spending (not borrowing from other jars when the spending one is empty), and humility will be taught in this fun educational book.

With increasing American household debts, this important book intends to change the shape of our children's future. Raising future little Clark Howards or Suze Ormans starts in the crib (almost) so let's give children the gift of financial wisdom.

Anyone who has children in their lives should get this book! Additional audiences would include schools, daycares and any youth program/institutions where learning takes place. Not to be forgotten also are any financial institutions that care about their members' future such as banks, investments companies and more. These should all be seeking to equip their members and their children with this important and decisive book.

About the author (Karima LaJoie)
Currently employed in a public non-profit company that administers pension plans for municipal employees, Karima is also a new mother. This book is her attempt to not only raise awareness in how early money management should be taught to children, but also how the lack thereof translates into an absence or delay in retirement planning by actively employed people. This results in catastrophic financial situations in households. This is Karima's first published children's book. It is currently available on in hardcover only.

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