Market Overview saw a 11.11% increase in shares of Coastal Capital Acquisition today, after alerting it as one of their Top Penny Stocks


Coastal Capital Acquisition moved up 11.11% for subscribers to the penny stock newsletter platform.

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Coastal Capital Acquisition saw some healthy profits for investor today after it was alerted through a strong awareness campaign by Subscribers to their penny stock newsletter platform were excited to again see strong movement coming from the group's alert system today. By the close Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp saw a move up 11.11%.After the promotion group alerted Coastal Capital as one of their top penny stocks, the stock saw strong trading throughout the day before closing up. In a show of elevated interest due to the strength of the awareness campaign, volume hit over 1.6 million shares by the end of the trading day. As time goes on, the Penny Stock Dream has continued to expand at a rapid pace, growing to where it has managed to quickly overcome other penny stock promotion groups that have found greater difficulty in adapting to changes within the penny stock exchange as quickly as they have. With the sort of strength and recognition that has been coming into the Penny Stock Dream awareness campaigns, it has come as no surprise that this young group has seen the increasing interest in people wanting to get involved in trading penny stocks that it has lately. Never before has there been a penny stock newsletter system that has managed to command such a powerful presence within the penny stock exchange while simultaneously maintaining a strong and positive reputation among their subscribers, as providing some of the best penny stock alerts through their platform.

As the reputation and strength of the alert system has continued to expand its reach, subscribers to the platform have been energized by the recognition that they have so routinely seen successes with their best penny stock picks. Within the past thirteen trading days subscribers have seen potential profits of well over 1,100%. This degree of profit potential has been crucial for their subscribers and has quickly cast them with a reputation as being the promotion group that has alerted the top penny stocks for the past few weeks. This platform continues to maintain that they hope to deliver the absolute best penny stocks to their subscribers, before the companies themselves have seen significant gains and so far they have managed to make good on these plans. There is no telling how long they or any other penny stock promotion group can manage to maintain the level of growth and strength in alerts that they have seen thus far. What has been seen as a strong reality, is that has grown rapidly and will likely continue to grow rapidly as they continue to build up recognition to their platform. This group will be holding a strong impact on the penny stock exchange for quite some time.

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