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Banned in 78 Countries Worldwide: Not Suitable For Under 18s


The most explicit sex, violence and horror ever published Soon to be a major Hollywood feature film (A-List actors involved). He's sick, he's depraved and he's after your children's lungs, your dog's heart, and then your liver – all stir-fried and medium rare…

(PRWEB UK) 2 November 2012

"Remember, remember the 5th of November". This year however, November the 5th may be remembered for many different reasons, as it sees the official launch of The Creep, the new psychological thriller by John T Foster.

The worst serial killer in human history is loose in London – and lusting after fresh meat.
He's run rings around the flatfoots of the FBI, Interpol and Scotland Yard. They can't see him, touch him or smell him – but he's close… Closer than they ever feared possible. So close they can see the dark dreaded depths of his soul…

John T Foster tells us that The Creep will "rip your heart and lungs out, your life flashes before your eyes in the throes of death, all before he stir-frys you in a ‘mixed grill' with a sautéed foetus of a new-born from Guys Hospital. This served with garnish for his next-door neighbours over a friendly Sunday lunch and a sick smirk…" Indeed Foster leaves very little to his readers' imaginations.

THE CREEP is a spell-binding psychological thriller unprecedented in its depravity. Based on actual events, it takes the reader deep into the mind of history's most ruthless cold-blooded and psychotic killer, who's roamed America unchecked for seven years. He visits Bill Harvey, the world's richest and most celebrated hypnotherapist for help, and under hypnosis he lays bare the details of his gory past.

But 'Dr. Bill' gets a lot more than he bargained for - and so does the reader - as the plot twists and turns towards an extraordinary climax. Foster goes on to say., "Before you read this book you will want to deadbolt your doors and secure your windows", because as the book makes clear, Bishman is not the only serial killer out there.

WARNING: This book contains a great deal of information on events actually happening in the real world today (due to on-going legal reasons and multiple lawsuits, we are unable to say more). Readers will be disturbed by its content, particularly those on medication/in poor health, journalists and media (particularly CNN and the BBC), parents of young children, gay, lesbian, ethnic minorities and religious groups (it pushes the boundaries of decency way beyond anything ever seen). But once picked up, it's almost impossible to put it down.

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