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Emergency Tree Services by FS Landscaping May Prevent Future Blackouts during Storms Like Hurricane Sandy


FS Landscaping announces: 8.2 million east coast homes have been hit by extended power outages during Hurricane Sandy. Organized tree-trimming can effectively help alleviate blackout problems not only during catastrophes like Hurricane Sandy, but also during a typical storm.

Furlong, PA (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Imagine being in the dark and not being able to reach loved ones on the phone. This is the reality faced by 8.2 million East Coast residents who found their households plunged into darkness this week as a result of the onslaught that is Hurricane Sandy.

The good news is, power has been restored to approximately 4.45 million homes. Electric companies who aided in the power restoration were quick to add that organized tree-trimming service providers are partly to be thanked for remedying the unfortunate scenario.

One such provider, FS Landscaping Contractors, stepped up to offer emergency tree service Bucks County, PA in order to hasten power recovery to the rest of the 4.45 million residents in the region.

When approached, New York's ConEd estimated that it might take as long as until the end of November before there would be lights again in each and every home in the East Coast. Utility companies reassured the public that they are working overtime to allow people to turn on the lights in their homes again, but experts are calling for adjustments so as to prevent extended outages from happening in the event a storm hits the region in the future. This includes installing underground cables, implementing smart grid technology as well as efficient tree-trimming that would shorten power outages and thus, make inconveniences last but days, if not less.

To prevent prolonged power outages, it is suggested that more sound regulations concerning tree-trimming be implemented. Northeastern states like Connecticut may already be setting good examples by making it mandatory for utility firms to send in “vegetation management” plans. However, there is room for improvement as proposal submission on tree-trimming cycles should be made compulsory, along with line clearance specifications.

Utility experts also opined that the answer to the tree-trimming issue could lie in enhanced training as well as better preparations in the form of better assessment standards to decide which trees are a hazard to surrounding communities in the event a severe storm occurs.

Fortunately, other organizations are doing their own part to ensure prolonged power outages are a thing of the past whenever major storms happen. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) have plans to develop and implement a qualification program that will assess risks concerning trees in weather-related scenarios. Potential risks can then be identified early, enabling issues pertaining to extended power outages be resolved quickly. The ISA's director, in charge of educational goods and services, hinted that this program would be launched come next Spring. She expressed desire for the program to work hand in hand with related parties whose job is to protect the electric grid. This includes task force members from the utility, commercial and municipal sectors.

“This is a great idea,” said a representative from FS Landscaping Contractors. “However, people aren't likely to get rid of every tree that would strike a wire during storms. Therefore, whether or not the program is successful later on in the future, emergency tree services are still needed to remedy circumstances involving fallen tree limbs or trees caught between electricity wires.”

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