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GiftHulk gives Walmart Moms Benefits no Presidential Candidate Offers


Walmart Moms will play a key role in the 2012 presidential election, and GiftHulk has exactly what this key demographic wants – a way to benefit their families.

Bridgeport, Connecticut (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

GiftHulk is offering a key demographic in the 2012 presidential election exactly what they need, which is something neither candidate can claim. Walmart moms have been the key deciding factor in the last two presidential elections, and this group is set to play a pivotal role once again in 2012. Even President Obama recognizes the group's importance, personally addressing women bloggers at BlogHer 2012 -

Walmart moms comprise at least 15% of the population, and are largely swing voters, which means it is difficult to predict where their vote will go come Election Day. The most likely deciding factor in their decision will be the economy, as this group is not concerned with “hot button” topics, but rather how they can help their families. The need for more income and greater financial stability is the number one concern for these voters.
While the Dems and GOP seem largely to be slinging mud at each other, GiftHulk is listening to what this group wants, giving Walmart moms tremendous power and the means to benefit their families.

GiftHulk is an innovative online rewards program that made headlines with major news outlets after awarding over $500,000 worth of prizes after being in operation for only a year. The program currently has over 200,000 registered users, and is especially beneficial for the Walmart mom demographic.
The GiftHulk program has become even more important as the 2012 holiday season approaches. Online shopping is now the preferred way to buy gifts for a large percentage of the US population, and the GiftHulk Store features a wide range of gift cards, including Amazon (one of the preferred prizes for GiftHulk users). Of course, it's not all about gift giving – GiftHulk rewards users by easing the burden of buying gas. Rising prices at the pump have put a massive crimp in most families' budgets, but GiftHulk offers gas cards users can redeem their points for to start saving cash.

A recent survey of users revealed some startling insights into how the rewards from this program will be used. When asked how much of their Christmas shopping would be paid for through web earnings, more than 50% of users reported that at least half of their Christmas gifts would be purchased through these earnings.
Finally, GiftHulk users will find that rather than waiting months to receive their rewards, the program pays out once a week (all prizes are awarded on Sunday each week). Users are loyal, happy and surprised by fast payouts and quick responses to questions. Bill E. from Michigan stated, “Thank you GiftHulk for the $25 in Amazon Gift Card Codes, you Rock!”
GiftHulk offers a tremendous variety of ways for users to earn. Users earn points for conducting searches online, by watching GiftHulk TV, inviting friends, completing special offers and installing a simple toolbar widget. Daily Treasure Keys add to earnings through the Treasure Box feature, and regular giveaways, web surveys, easy tasks and daily polls also help users earn big.

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About GiftHulk: Launched in 2011, GiftHulk has made national headlines for the tremendous rewards users can earn and their lightning-fast payouts. With more than 15 ways to earn rewards, GiftHulk has become incredibly popular, with more than 200,000 registered users.

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