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Take steps to prevent from becoming a target in a burglary. Learn four different ways a burglar can target a home.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 02, 2012, the national home alarm systems reviews site, not only provides independent reviews of the best home security companies but they also educate consumers on home security and family safety. The national review site has recently released an infographic depicting how a home is targeted for a burglary from the burglar's point of view.

Tim Smythe, the senior editor for, stated, “Taking the steps to a safer home is all about education. The more people know about the ways a criminal can target a home the better off they are. We find that creating rich media is a great way to get the message across.” states there are four main ways a burglar can target a home and they are:


A burglar goes through a fair amount of research before committing a crime. Most burglaries are planned well in advanced and scoping out the neighborhood is top on the criminal's list. Be on the lookout for strange vehicles or people in the neighborhood. Some communities create a neighborhood watch to deter this type of activity.


It is time to trim the hedges and cut the grass. A poorly maintained yard is one of the first signs that the homeowners are either away or the home is vacant. If you are planning a vacation make sure to cut the grass the day before you leave. Untrimmed hedges or bushes can provide cover for a burglar who is trying to stealthily break into a window.


Once a home is targeted the next step is to learn the homeowner's schedule by finding out when the home is typically empty. Most burglaries occur during the day when no one is home and to avoid a confrontation. Burglaries happen quick and the less chance for confrontation the better chance there is to get away with the crime. The best way to protect a home and deter a burglar from targeting it is to purchase a home alarm system. To learn how to choose the best home alarm system visit


Burglaries happen fast and the last thing a criminal wants is to get caught so targeting a home with a good escape route is a priority. Homes that back to woods or are secluded could become a target when taking the escape route into consideration. Unfortunately, this is something a homeowner cannot change but they can take the steps to deter a burglar from targeting your home like installing a home alarm system. Homes with alarm systems are much less likely to be targeted as they are actively monitored. After all criminal like the path of least resistance so an alarm system acts as a big wall they need to scale in order to commit the crime.

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