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Coolcentric Announces the RDHx-LD -- A Passive in Row Heat Exchangerfor Rack Densities Up to 12kW


With the RDHx-LD, Coolcentric now makes available the benefits of passive liquid cooling to all data center owners and operators. The range of cooling solutions the Coolcentric family of Heat Exchangers provides, fulfills the cooling requirements of rack configurations common to data centers, large or small.

Pelham, New Hampshire (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Data center managers and designers are looking beyond the typical perimeter cooling topology using computer room air conditioners (CRAC) or computer room air handlers (CRAH) to address their cooling requirements. Until now, available Coolcentric Heat Exchanger cooling solutions have focused on higher-density rack configurations from 8kW to 40kW. The Coolcentric RDHx-LD extends that cooling range downward to accommodate less-dense rack heat loads of 5kW to 12kW

The Coolcentric® RDHx-LD is a passive liquid cooled heat exchanger module that replace standard rear doors on IT enclosures. The RDHx employs a specially-designed fin and tube coil, protected by two 79% open perforated sheets, to maintain airflow through the IT enclosure. The rack-mount devices draw cool supply air through the chassis and exhaust hot air through the liquid-filled coil, which can 100% neutralize the hot exhaust air before reentry into the data center. The RDHx can provide as much as 33kW of sensible cooling per IT enclosure. Close-coupled to the rear of the IT enclosure, the RDHx brings the cooling as close to the heat source as possible thus providing the ultimate containment solution. Taking up a minimum of floor space, the RDHx is a flexible, efficient and space-saving cooling solution to data centers.

Coolcentric RDHx-LD reduces Capital and Operating TCO

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – The average cost of operating data centers has grown three times faster than capital investment in new IT equipment. Key drivers for uncontrolled TCO growth include cooling equipment capital expense, inefficient designs, high installation costs, rising energy bills and ongoing maintenance. The RDHx-LD solution offers a very attractive TCO value to end users.

RDHx-LD is Scalable. In typical data center installations, the infrastructure required to support perimeter or in-row cooling must be built in on day-one. Because the RDHx-LD can be installed quickly and easily and requires no pressurized raised floors, air plenums, exhaust chimneys, etc., the configuration can grow as the data center grows. Additional units can be installed as new racks are added, eliminating infrastructure investment until it is actually needed.

The RDHx-LD is Reliable. With no moving parts, the RDHx-LD requires little if any regular maintenance. In fact, the RDHx-LD comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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