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An Ice Melt Solution That Prevents Ice Dams


You can't change the weather but you can prepare for emergencies. With more storms, we're having to deal with power outages, flooding, ice dams and more. New building technologies like Bylin's Ice Melt products are being introduced to reduce the dangers posed by winter snow storms in New England. Why not take preventive measures and avoid the stress of insurance claims, repairs and more?

Salem, NH (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

Icicles are like the tip of an iceberg, they're what you see when you've got ice dams on your roof. The sun might melt a light dusting of snow on your roof, within a day or 2. When you've got several inches or a foot of snow, you've got to take action to get rid of the snow before it can damage your roof.

With new building technologies, homeowners can now prevent many home emergencies, like ice dams and excessive snow loads. Preventive measures are becoming more important as emergencies happen more frequently like last year's October snow storm and this week's hurricane. You can gamble that the storms will bypass you or do the research and install products now, to protect your home and family.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Imagine 6 inches of snow on your roof and then consider what's under the roof. Most of the roof sits over your home's living space which you're heating. Rarely are today's houses sealed well enough to prevent some heat from escaping into the attic, and up to the roof. It's this heat that melts the snow right above the roof.

The problem is your roof has eaves that extend beyond the house, and the air temperature under the eaves is cold. When the snow over the eaves doesn't melt, it blocks the melted water from above and it's this blocked water that forms ice dams at night when temperatures drop.

Some of the water escapes -- the icicles, but most of the water builds up into ice dams and pooled water behind the dams. The water finds its way under roofing shingles and freezes there, damaging shingles and finding cracks into your house. Unless you get rid of the ice quickly, the damage must be repaired. Can you wait until spring? Ideally you want to make roof repairs quickly to prepare for the next storm but in winter, that's challenging because the materials become brittle in the cold.

A Complete Ice Melt Solution

There's an ice melt solution that heats your roof's eaves so melting water from above can flow unrestricted off your roof, and prevent ice dams from forming. New England Ice Solutions offers homeowners several products for a complete ice melt solution. They start with Bylin Engineered Systems, Roof Ice Melt products.

The solution includes self-regulating heating cables, which run continuously along the eaves (or valleys) of your roof and they calculate the number of cables needed based on where your home is located, i.e. houses further north or at higher elevations need more heat.

These cables are different than the zig zag cables you see on some roofs. The cables are inserted into channels sandwiched between aluminum panels above and below the cables, and these panels transfer the heat to enough roof surface to keep your roof clear of ice.

For energy efficiency, there's an ambient sensing thermostat that turns the cable system on when temperatures fall below 36 degrees Fahrenheit, and off when the temperature rises above 38 degrees. This feature lowers your operating costs and you don't have to worry about remembering to turn on (or unplug) traditional heat cables.

When installing this ice melt system, homeowners also want the option of adding gutters and/or gutter guards to insure that melting snow runs off the roof easily. This is an easy add on to the overall package as it's really the cost of the materials because the install team is already working on the eaves of your house.

Homeowners derive lots of benefits from this ice melt solution. First there's the automation that means no one has to worry about problems when you're not home. You don't have to find someone to watch the house, which is ideal if you travel frequently or have a vacation home in snow country. Homeowners turn the system on once in the fall, and off in early spring. It's that simple and worth the peace of mind you get knowing your home and family are safe.

About New England Ice Solutions

Greg Greene and Barry Malitsky, are the founders of New England Ice Solutions ( They continuously research and find the products homeowners and small businesses need to protect their homes and buildings from snow and ice dams. As New England's largest installer of roof ice melt systems, they're able to assess where a building's problems are, and design a solution that eliminates the ice dam problems.

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